You have the ball

Hey all, Just a “what if it was you” question
Your friends sick, very sick.
It’s terminal
She can’t continue
How could you, her best friend help her?


Ask her what would help. Come spend quality time…hold hair when vomiting. Bring fixed food eat with her. Or leave plates or food . Most don’t eat unless eating with another. Take long or sort drives…may push in park…ask what.


Do anything and everything you can to comfort her. Be there for her, play cards, dice, board games, get a wheel chair and go for a stroll.
Just DO NOT help them end it all. This may sound harsh, but if they are in that much pain, then I’m sure she will either ask it or already has.
You can not spend the rest of your life in prison for doing what you thought might help her the most, and she truly would NOT want that for you either.
I am praying for you both 🙏🙏😢😢.


Help her get her mind off of it. The best thing for me is to do anything else with somebody. Keep her mind off of it.


Clean her bathroom. Clean the kitchen. Wash clothes and towels. Mow the lawn. Read cards or FB messages to your friend. If she likes music, make a playlist or mixed tape/CD. Write notes for your friend if she wants to send thank you notes. Everyone brings food. No one grabs the toilet brush.

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Don’t know how I missed this post. Apologizes for being so late in responding. Just sit, no walking, no talking. Just breathing good energy into the room for her to accept at will. A terminal person needs to go when they are ready, THEN & ONLY THEN, they will free themselves & run with the wind. January 31 my dad passed away, he waited till I arrived, said our goodbyes & he drifted into God’s arms