Years of instability

Hi, I’ve been dealing with mental illness for years. Thankfully I have not been hospitalized for over 4 years now and very thankful for that.


Keep up the amazing job you can do it. You should be very proud of yourself.


Bless your sweet cheeks

I was doing so good myself and then life happened lost my job because I’m bipolar wasn’t taking care of myself or my mental health got very depressed, friends tried to help. Still ended up being institutionalized twice in three months. It sucked but the second one seemed to kick me back in gear. I dont have feelings of harming myself anymore I’ve realized that my Bipolar 1 disorder has gotten worse they’ve added a few other diagnoses now but it’s what happens when we stop taking care of ourselves but keep trying to pretend we are ok. I hated to look my pharmacist in the eye I knew I had failed again no job no way to pay for meds had to fill out hardship paperwork and thank God they work with me know and are almost free. I would not have made it this far without the medicine I’ve been given.

L.Kham Cummings