Would like to be able to schedule meds from website

I see it can be done from app, but it doesn’t look like the feature is available from the site. Instructions also assume I am using the iphone or ipad. To get the initial information in there, I would like to use the site (and keyboard) instead of my phone.


I have been using this App for many months. It is very helpful. Reminds me when to take meds, the time and which meds to take. I use my phone. But if you would like to use other Apps that are better for you, Please ask the Pharmacy. They would be more than happy to help.

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Thanks carol. We are looking for something my mother in law can manage and maintain (user friendly), and share information across different family members in the event we alternate taking my father in law in for a week/month all in one app. Mother in law has lots of Rx info to enter and would prefer not using iPhone or iPad for initial entry. Also want it all in one place instead of pharmacy app, etc because each family member can’t access it. Father in law does not have cell phone and with dementia can’t manage Med schedule so we are not looking for self.


I understand what you are saying.
I meant for you to ask the CareZone pharmacy, just to get you started with a person that can answer your questions or to direct you to someone that can help you. These people are very helpful.