Worth talking to my doctor about?

Hello! It’s been a struggle reading articles about MS and knowing what I should be looking for with symptoms. (And not just because of the visual issues! Lol) I can’t seem to find any comprehensive lists, or anything.

About four years ago I started having strange halo of blur around things. It was really intense and constant for about a week, then it seemed to only happen when I was tired or hot. Then I noticed during morning practice for the sport I was a part of at the time that I would start seeing double, along with the blur, or independently, and figured that it was just something that happens sometimes. On top of all that, I experienced a burning sensation in the tips of my finger and toes, sometimes with intense itchiness, and became more photophobic/sonophobic than I was used to being, almost constantly, along with a constant low grade headache. I’d get sharp random stabbing pains for seemingly no reason.

I had a lot of stuff going on so it didn’t seem that important. I’ve recently discovered that I’m hypermobile, so I was dealing with that for the most part and trying to get diagnosed.

I really don’t know if the above is just migraines, or something else. Parkinson’s runs in my family, too.

Then in the past year or so, I’ve started having near-falls, stumbling, dropping things, not being able to grab things even though I could see where they were. I would become so tired that even thinking about anything was effort, and it takes me three hours to get ready in the morning. My eyes have been twitching uncontrollably for a few seconds back and forth when I experience extreme fatigue. And then, finally, I got a tremor in both arms for about three days. It’s still there, but it’s leveled off to only happening if I’m overwhelmed.

Yesterday, I noticed I had vertigo for the third time in the past year, too, when I never had it before.

Does this sound like multiple sclerosis? Something else? I’m seeing a doctor on the 9th, and I don’t know if I should bring it up- I really need to get my hypermobility diagnosed as soon as I can so I don’t know if bringing this up if it’s nothing will help my case. I can’t really prove this stuff like my flexibility which is visibly outside of the usual range of motion.

Thanks for your time!!

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Oh I forgot to mention: my eyes hurt when I move them, and sometimes the center of my vision just vanishes. I’m also having short term memory issues . . . er, if that wasn’t already obvious.

And slurring facepalm

I have MS. There is no comprehensive list because symptoms vary widely from person to person.

However, regardless you should get to a doctor ASAP.

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Yes you should bring all of this up to your Doctor so he can diagnose you or send you to the appropriate Specialist who can help you with a diagnosis! With MS everyone is different with their symptoms so it is a hard Disease to diagnose and a Neurologist is who would give you a diagnose or an Optimolagist can possibly tell you something. One of my first symptoms before MS diagnosis was Optic Neuritis. Have you had an MRI? An MRI would show the doctor if you have lesions on your brain!

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Thanks for your help!! That makes sense. It’s just that my symptoms are really confusing. I’ll bring it up just in case.

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I haven’t had an MRI yet! I’m a little worried about that because I’ve heard they’re very loud, and even typical volume is uncomfortable. Have you had an MRI? What was it like?

I have had dozens of MRIs and although I don’t enjoy them I am probably the best MRI patient around.

It is VERY NOISY. Some places offer ear plugs, some offer a choice of music, some offer nothing at all.

For me what works is I mostly keep my eyes closed and try to get into my head. My favorite thing lately has been to sing songs in my head that I enjoy. Try to find what works you as it will probably take 30-60 minutes depending on if they take them with and without dye.


Yes I have had many MRI’S, they are loud but they always gave me ear plugs or something to put over my ears and put music on for me so not bad, I alway take a nap when I’m in there…lol

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