Workbook For Cognitive Skills

Hello, I’m a friend/ caregiver to someone who had a minor stroke one year ago. But he has memory issues, aphasia and, recall problems. The book title I listed above is recommended. Has anyone used it? Your opinion after you used it? Other workbooks you would recommend?

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I had 6 Strokes and many TIA’S which lead to a m massive stroke, so I have to do surgery in my neck I laspted into a coma for 4 months, until God’s grace and mercy woke me up.
At that was in 2013 March 11, it’s now December 18 2019, about to be Christmas and New year’s.
I have a clue why but I believe it God’s grace and mercy that saved me, I couldn’t speak but I can speak now, I my mind back,
Partially I loss my words, that’s why I have to think before speaking. The only issue I have is walking around, I need a roller walker, to get around, my right leg doesn’t work, that is why I go therapy twice a week, to help me regain strength in my leg muscles so I can walk. I’m praying for a full recovery 🙏 in the name of Jesus Christ, he is the only one that can do it, I can’t, but Jesus Christ can.
I wish well everyday, I believe God has a plan for you to trust in the Lord Jesus Christ, he won’t disappoint you.

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