Why do you believe?

If there is a God, why God he allow everything evil in this world to happen? Like veterans living on the streets, people killing each other, poor people. This question was recently asked to me and I had to really think about the answer. I’m a believer. But there are things I don’t understand and this is one of them. Anyone have some viewpoints?

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Did you ever hear the saying god help’s them how helps themselves

He’s the creator of all, this includes good and evil. He also is very just so there will be consequences for injust acts. Also, people have freedom of choice to do and say whatever we want. Bad things happening in the world doesn’t equate to no creator existing. That’s almost like saying that since a child is mean it must equate that his parents don’t exist. 🤦🏻‍♀️

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To piggyback off what was already said, God gave us all free will. In most cases it is that human free will that is causing the horrible things in the world.

It is not the veterans fault they live on the street (seriously, THANK YOU veterans) but it is the actions of others that have caused the situations they are in. The same applies to school shootings and many other tragedies we experience.

God is a loving God, but he is also a God that honors His promises. He promised us free will, and we have it. We have so horribly screwed things up, but God is not at fault, and I believe Him to be 100% real and 100% perfect.

I hope this helps. May God bless you and those you love, AND THOSE THAT ARE HARDER TO LOVE!

I love that. I’ll use that example

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I am a disabled veteran of war. I am also a believer. Although I was raised to believe, that’s not why I believe now. After war, 5 brain surgeries, 2 strokes, epilepsy, diabetes and hypertension you would think I would be the last one who should believe. However, regardless of what is shown in test results and diagnostic results, I am in the best frame of mind ever. I clearly understand that my intellect is a gift that has nothing to do with the condition of my body and everything to do with the condition of my spirituality. God has revealed Himself to me in a way only a feeble mind can understand. As long as I could do everything on my own I could easily say I believe. At the point where I was disabled He was enabled. My afflictions were part of my process. My process revealed my purpose. It’s my purpose that gives me that light behind my eyes that says,” I am still here!”. I was created for a purpose, rich or poor, sickness and health until death do us part, my life has a purpose. He put deep thought into my creation so however life translates my purpose, I clearly understand that it’s meant to be, for others and me.

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