Why am I still here


I dropped out in 10th grade. I can’t even dam Read well or even spell. So don’t know why God wants me here.


I am sorry you feel so bad. Please do not be so hard on yourself. Many people, even those who graduated can not read. However, there are lots of places you can learn…check with a high school or local college…and believe me, you will Not be the only adult there!


I homeschool and have No Vehicle. My husband is the only one with a car all day long. And I am a Homebody. I stay inside and not go anywhere


By home school do you mean on computer? As for getting out…don’t let lack of car stop you. You need to get out…go for a walk. I went through a stage of not getting out. I had to do two things. 1. I set really short goals…walk to the end of the driveway, then when that was easy set a little further goal. 2. I counted steps. Losing count didn’t matter, just needed something to focus on. I understand lots of people do this.


No. Homeschool my kids from work sheets I make up. And I have tried to do my GED online and can’t. It’s too hard. I don’t get out because I refuse to put up with people’s shit. All they do is talk about people. I live in a small town where all they do is Gossip. And I’m tried of it


My son was going to go for GED, but when he went to sign up they checked his high school credits and found he could take a few classes to get a high school diploma! He had dropped out at 10 th grade also. Can i ask for a general idea of where you live?


Oh wow! My credits is super low. I didn’t even stay in school most the time. I would skip and drink and smoke weed all the time
I’m in Texas near Beaumont and Houston in a small town that I hate


There is more to a person than if they can read or write. You’re probably just not in a place to appreciate that right now.


I ask myself that a lot but then I think about my kids and spouse they don’t care how smart I am they just want to be loved and God has a plan for us all but sometimes we don’t see it or figure it out right away but you are here to love your family that’s for sure.


God wants you here because you have a purpose. God loves you so much. When you start feeling bad, start talk to God. He will change your life. Trust Him, except Him, don’t take your eyes off Him. I know what you’re going through, but God is your guiding light.


Were you ever checked for dyslexia? Dyslexia is one reason for some people to have difficulty reading and spelling. People with this disorder often drop out of school due to the frustration. Dyslexic individuals are often very intelligent.
Please seek help for what appears to be depression and research dyslexia. God’s plan will unfold in His good time. I can testify that every bad thing that has ever happened to me God has turned it into an opportunity to help someone else. I can empathize with their pain. Take care of yourself.


That suggestion about checking out Dyslexia is really good. My husband had it and was never diagnosed. He refused to read out loud. He was really embarrassed about it. I tried to encourage him but it was so engrained in him. He could not spell either. It really depressed him, but it was not his fault and it is not yours!


No honey, God loves you and he knows exactly what he has planned for your future.


Your here for a reason. Life is a continuous lesson. You can kay around doing nothing trying not to participate but even doing that you are still participating. Why not try to make things better more comfortable for you and those who love you. Everyone has a choise, teach your self to read, or get a GED. If your ill see a doctor and find out why you don’t have any interest in life. You could need medication to increase the brain chemistry that makes you feel happy and satisfied. God helps those who help themselves




Your here because “He” wants u you here. “He” loves u unconditionally and “He” has a plan for u. I can’t tell u what that plan is because i don’t know it.


Amen! Beautifuly said.


God is soooo good. If it wasn’t for God, I wouldn’t be here right now. I CAN’T live without God!!


Your here becaue you have a purpose. Your here cause your one of Gods beautiful childeren. You have to find out who you are and what’s your purpose in Gods Eyes.Not MAN!! I pray for you, and i love you, i need you too servive!🤗 here is a hug from me to you🤗 GODBLESS


My husband has severe dyslexia and also dropped out of school when he was in 10th grade. He got a universal license in HVAC EPA certification. He runs and manages 180 apartments and has a crew of carpenters, plumbers, and electricians that he tells what to do. He also can barely read or write, due to the dyslexia. They have testing now where you can take the course by listening to the studies and answering questions for the GED without putting pencil to paper.

If you want to bad enough, you can achieve anything. If God didn’t want you here, something would have happened and you wouldn’t be here, ok?

Stop being so hard on yourself. I admire you for putting up with homeschooling your kids, that’s a lot of work and time and effort and having to be a SAHM on top of it all. I did one year of homeschooling for my children and went bonkers. I am also a SAHM, but having the patience to teach…its hard to teach younger kids. I applaud you. It’s worth it to have a little time to yourself, so maybe send them to school next year? That will make you get out of the house more, especially if they’re car riders. Plus having to go on field trips and PTA meetings, fundraisers. Plus if you don’t have any younger kids, you will be able to go to the store by yourself, that sounds so stupid but, it’s the best thing. Go on errands by yourself, crank up the speakers loud and just enjoy being YOU.

Good luck.


God has his reasons. It’s HIS life, you’re just borrowing it. So it’s not your life to take. I dropped out of school in 10th grade. Went to work for a year and got married. Nine months later, I had a son. I was only 18, but I knew that I had to live for this baby. Nine months after his first birthday, to the day, I had a daughter. I really needed to do something so that they could survive. So I went back to school, earned my GED and went to college. My husband left me, I ended up pregnant from a one night stand that turned into 7 years and another baby. At this point, I was a mother of 4 children. When my 4th child was born, the uterine artery arupted. I died. I didn’t know where I was. I felt like a pair of eyes floating around in a dark void. Then I saw a pinpoint of light. It kept getting bigger and bigger. It was so warm and I wanted to go to the light. Just then, I heard Zelda from Poltergeist yelling at me, Stay away from the LIGHT!! STAY AWAY FROM THE LIGHT!! So, I stayed away from the light. The hospital had to call my mother and tell her to bring a dress to bury me in, that I wouldn’t last through the night.
I couldn’t speak even though I was talking to her. I wanted to wear her ring because it had her name on it. It was silver and she bought it at Disney Market Place in Orlando where she lived. She watched them make the ring right there, carving each letter. My fever spiked to 108.9. I should be brain dead. When I was recovering from the surgery to repair the uterine artery