⭐ What's New! 2/14/20: More medication reminder options + Achievements

Hello Community! With the help of your wonderful suggestions (and some hard work from our engineering team), we’re excited to announce a handful of amazing new features for the CareZone app! We hope these new additions become valuable tools for you and offer greater assistance with managing your health.

Without further ado, here’s what’s new!

More options to customize medication schedules and reminders

Schedule medications to be taken every X days/weeks, or on specific days of the week!

Tap the link below to edit your medication schedule in the app:

Learn how to change a medication reminder here:

Or learn how to add a new custom reminder here:

🏆 Earn Achievements in the app!

We know it takes work to stay organized and keep up with life’s busy tasks. Achievements are a way we can recognize you for completing activities in the CareZone app and for staying on top of your health!

Unlock achievements and earn trophies by completing activities in the app.

Tap the link below to view Achievements in the app:

Learn more about Achievements here:

🔊 Critical Alerts for medication reminders

You can now set medication reminders to play a sound even if your device is silenced or in “Do Not Disturb” mode.

Critical Alerts are currently available on iOS devices and are in-the-works for Android. (Stay tuned for an Android update here soon!)

Tap the link below to enable Critical Alerts in the app:

Learn more about Critical Alerts here:

🎵 Customize medication reminder sounds

We created new medication reminder sounds to help you stay on track with your medication schedule—and add a spark of joy to your day, too!

Choose from over 20 customized reminder tones and melodies made just for you. Never miss a medication reminder again! (Currently available on iOS devices. Coming soon for Android!)

Tap the link below to customize medication reminder sounds in the app:

Learn more about Custom reminder sounds here:


Thanks again for sharing your ideas on how we can make CareZone more useful for you. We are still working hard on all the wonderful suggestions in the queue and look forward to sharing more soon!

We’d love to hear how these new features help you!

Please share your comments here or in the Suggestions & Ideas category.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Community Manager


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