What medications work best for acute migraine treatment?

What medications work for your migraines for a abortive

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I have tried all types of meds, but Botox injections works the best.

Gabapenten has worked to prevent my migraines most of the time.


Sumatriptan (brand name Immitrex). It’s a “rescue shot” that functions like an epi pen. Works in about 15-20 min. You’ll feel the blood vessels dialating in your head and neck. There’s a slight burning sensation until it kicks in. If you’ve had problems with pain pills like me, this is a Godsend! Hope you find what works for you soon 😊



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Floricet worked the best for me. Not sure if I spelled it right but it’s a mixture of meds with caffeine inside. I had migraines with my epilepsy and this got rid of the migraines all the time.

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I have tried immitex injections. They worked for a slight while. Fioricet worked for awhile. Zomig nasal worked for a while. Unfortunately mine are so bad that I have to make my ownzo concoction of zofran tablet, compazine half dose (rectally) n either zomig nasal or if it’s super bad like emergency room I have stadol in nasal spray form.
Unfortunately this puts me in a very groggy state for one or 2 days then I cant drive. But it stops the vomiting n I dont have to keep going to the emergency room. I went 3 times this summer. N had to take the concoction 3 times . So it saved me from going a few. If I’m lucky I can take the zofran n the zomig n it works. But that’s lucky! Zofran takes the nausea away. Ur neurologist can order that for u. Compazine is a much stronger nausea vomiting medicine if u get that from migraines. Rescue isnt the key . But it is great to have a rescue to work! the key is maintenance meds.

Topamax. It’s also a mood stabilizer, but it works fantastically for migraines. I maybe only have one once a week now, and even then Tylenol will do the trick after that.

I’ve had a lot of success with eletriptan, though it does make me drowsy.

I have found that 2 Advil migraine takes my headaches away in no time at all, but you can not take more than 2 pills in 24 hrs time


I take two Excedrin Migraine (store brand/generic) at the first sign of a migraine. I also learned through a former coworker that fish oil tablet (1 per day) helps in the prevention of a migraine. Since I’ve started talking fish oil tablet each day, I have only had maybe two or three migraines in the last 10 years.

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I use tension relief from dollar tree it works for me and i take trakindi at bed time

Hello I’m taking Sumatriptans 25 mg tables does anyone else if so what’s ur feedback

I’m allergic to sumitriptan so I take Naritriptan, but my migraines are so severe that I usually have to take tizanidine (to relax my neck muscles) and promethazine (to control nausea which worsens migraines).

I’ve been taking Gabapentin for years. For several years I was on 2700mg daily with Tramadol 50mg 4x daily. Now only 900-120mg Gabapentin daily and migraines are coming back occasionally. Some medications can cause headaches. I wasn’t aware that Gabapentin was given for migraines. So I shouldn’t be having them at all. I take Gabapentin for essential tremors.

Hello everyone.
I have multiple chronic health conditions and have had Migraines for at least 20 years, probably longer.
I have so had a few bouts with Cluster Headaches which have returned with a vengeance.
At 20 plus headache days a month with all sorts of pre and post problems like visual disturbances, cognative impairment etc.
On Topomax, Amlodipine, Lyrica, Magnesium, etc as preventives.
Relpax, Sumatriptan Injection, and others for abortive treatment.
Currently seeing 2 Neurologists as my headache team.
The past year has been horrible with headache worsenings.
I have tried most of the complimentary treatments like acupuncture, massage etc with limited results.
Wondering if anyone has tried some alternative treatments like Neuro Electro Stimulation, High Flow O2 therapy etc.

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Imatrex works for me

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Ha I us Essene migraine plus and 45 minutes later I take a nap and it’s gone.

1000 mg

I have been using the new self injectable Aimovig since July. You take once a month. It has reduced my severe chronic migraines of 50 years duration by 95%

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