What I crazy ride this is

Hi Everyone,

Been a while since I posted, had a lot of irons in the fire as they say. I had to re-group, re-evaluate and try to get things into perspective as to how I am to proceed. I am doing Lantus 2x a day now. Max units I have had to take in one day has been 5 units. smaller dose in the A.M. and larger at night.
I had heard and read about how something can affect the levels, and I have learned first hand just how badly it can impact.

The stress factor has for the most part been eliminated with a few loose ends, but I am still finding my levels going haywire, but are slowly coming back into a better range, but I think my A1C is sitting between 8 and 10, which is not a good place at all for me. I may need to start using additional medications. Its been going on 6 months since I was diagnosed with type 2 and put on insulin together with metformin.
Need to get into seeing doctor, gotta figure out oxygen part of the visit, probably gonna have to get a few of those cans of oxygen ya can buy OTC and use it sparingly.


I’m sorry your having a hard time. Yes you need to see a doctor asap. Your primary can refer you to a echologist