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I have suffered from insomnia for at least 30 years and taken everything from Melatonin to Ambien Er. Getting less than 7 hours of sleep is wearing me out & I do not know where to turn.


Thank you saw something last night didn’t think it was in my dreams.

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I made an appointment at American Sleep Center in O. P.,Ks. for a sleep study. Then I found out they aren’t on my insurance, so I called to cancel. The manager said, whatever my insurance company didn’t pay, would be comp’d. So I kept my $10,000 sleep study appointment. Sure enough, when my insurance didn’t pay anything, the whole amount was written off. Shocking, I know, but true. I’ve had my CPAP with humidifier for several years and use it every night. I’m looking into a lithium battery to run it on campouts.


Hello! I’ve never had problems sleeping, sometimes I think I sleep too much. My son told me, if I exercised more, I would have more energy.

Hello I’m 35 years old I can’t sleep all night but my problem is I don’t feel tired, I sleep 4 hours maybe lees, I wake up in the middle off the night and still awake until next night, after 4 or 5 días like that , I feel tired and that night I can sleep well and star over all the process next night. I already talked with my doctor but I don’t want take medicine for sleep right now I tried with valerian and last night I can sleep 6 hours for me it works

I have started sleeping very badly in the last year. I have trouble staying asleep once I fall asleep I can fall asleep at 9:00 p.m. but I wake up by 3:00 a.m. I’m not sure if this

Sorry I’m not sure if this is due to menopause?
I know I am tired and irritable during the day.
Can anyone explain this to me I know I don’t exercise enough and said my husband reiterated last night.