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Hi! I’m a new Christian trying to find my way in this broken world…


I am so thankful to God for Care Zone where we have an opportunity to discuss medical issues and others. I am seeing trends where there is a need for more transparency between us as patients and health care providers where meds are said to us to take without knowing more preventive ways to prevent illnesses and side affects. So. Let us continue praying that our voices are heard as we kindly say such


Hello my name is Sandra and new at this page. God has been there with me through good times and bad times with health issues and family I am wanting closer to God and need help with this


Hello all. I must say I am overjoyed about this community. I have read some great things here, some sad things here and boy, Im in awe at God’s people. I don’t have alot of time as life has all of us busy , busy, busy. So I would like to share my email for anyone interested in womens online bible studies and prayer. Please feel free to email about this info. I hope to hear from you ladies. Men sorry. Its a ladies thing. But my husband will avail himself for prayer or fellowship with you men. Just send your emails as well. Please specify if you want male or female info. Thanks for your time guys. Be blessed and have a productive day.πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ˜‡


Hi. My name is Chris.


Hello im one of nine two girls and seven boys, we were raised baptist but as we got older weve all gone in different directions spiritually, i guess that im asking why is it so difficult for us to be on one accord spiritually?


Please join us on Facebook loving group of prayer warriors


Hi, i am a Christian person and i biliv in a mercy god
I was taking 10 pills but by faiht i stop taken pills nwo living day by day for god love mercy and compasiΓ³n pls. Pray for me…


I am a Chaplain in AZ. I love God and His mercy and grace that saves all who accept Him as their Lord and Savior. Ask me about this if you are confused about what I have said. May everyone who visits this subject thread be blessed with comfort and a new faith and understanding.


Hello everybody!!
I am happy be here. I thing
This too shell pass!!
Have a Bless day!
Remember always: GOD is good!


I will pray!!πŸ™


Hi Jeff!!




Actually we are the Vine (vessel) He is the Branches. He is the New Wine. #TruSpirit #TruFREEdom #NaturalAmericanSpirit #UnityIsAmerica’sReligion #LoveLife #TruLight #LoveFruit


Respect everyone Fear No one. Love your life to be able to love β€œothers” as yourself. Pretty simple Golden Rule. Be your authentic self…don’t get too sucked into division dogma. Hidden truth #TruHappiness


Hi my name is Jennifer,
I have a heart disease, a pacemaker, scoliosis, type 2 diabetes and cirrhosis of the liver. I 38 years old, 4"3 and dont drive. I am looking for a friend to talk to about being a Christian and life.


I have been getting closer and closer to God. He is the solution. I know all had been planned for our eternal meeting. I love him and he is carrying me through all and thankful for those in my life he has seeded .


I’m doing okay on my spiritual sometimes stop breathing sometimes I don’t


Hi Jennifer. My name is Betty. I would be happy to share spiritual thoughts with you.
I dedicated my life to God and got baptized in 1971. I have done my best to serve him as He has set in His Word the Bible. I enjoy sharing with others what I learned from Him over the past 48 years.
I have been married to the love of my life for 45 years and we have 5 children and 3 beautiful granddaughters. Please share what you are comfortable with.


God is good, all the timr