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Hello my name is Heidi. I am 40 years old, divorced woman from Minnesota. When I was born I was given the short end of the stick when it comes to health. I am doing the best that I can but am struggling with diabetes, fibromyalgia, chronic back pain, diabetic neuropathy and I’m anemic. I have had 4 back surgeries, 2 foot surgeries, 8 miscarriages and 2 knee surgeries. So I am a mixed human trying to deal with life.

Hi everyone, I’m new to this part of CareZone. I live 25 miles outside of Houston and have had a rough life… health wise, mentally, emotionally. Will share more later. Hope to make a few friends to share with.😅

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Unfortunately the abusers make life hard for those of us that really have chronic pain. The Doctors treat you like a criminal if you ask for pain meds.

Yes. They do…

I just broke my shoulder and femur bone. Pain from Hell. Any suggestions on how to sleep

If ur Dr.will fax ur insurance and request additional medically necessary visits they will extend visits. They don’t to b held responsible for possible for future damage to u due to lack of treatment

I have the exact same pain. Watch those pain meds. Have ur Dr. to refer you to Physical Therapy. It helped me

When you have been on this medication for 15 years it’s very hard to do that plus I never abused my medication they need to not give our Drs a bad time when he’s not over-medicating but they let the patients suffer and have no quality of life. Dont know what’s going to happen next month with my Drs appointment he’s cutting me back and I’m already on a low dose of morphine and yes I have tried the oils and the smoke which I don’t like and the oils don’t help
So I no I won’t have any quality of life I pray for all of you that are going threw the same may God Bless you all

I’m so sorry to here about your wife I have what she has I suffered for years they did everything and anything nothing helped then my Drs called me out of the blue and asked me if I wanted to try this new procedure I though about it so I agreed to have it done after all the years of suffering they put implants in me they are made by mediocre it’s almost like a pace maker but for your urinary track I wasn’t hopeful but I started seeing a difference they do a trail basic on you first they leave it on the outside of you then they implant it in the inside of your body it has helped alot but dont get me wrong I still have some pain but nothing like i was going through plus they put me on pills also maybe have your wife check into this it can’t hurt they have to replace them about every 7 years because the battery goes dead i have had mine replaced 3 times and it’s a in and out surgery Good luck and i will be praying for your wife God Bless please let me know and if she has any questions don’t hesitate to get in touch with me

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I originally injured my back on the job as a STNA and ignorantly continued to work and lift patients as I always had. Needless to say I done some significant damage. More recently , I was in an auto accident that broke my back in different places and it never healed correctly. So every day of my life now is consumed in pain. I am extremely limited with what I can do, where I can go , how long can I last doing such n such , should I bring help, … It is endless and the quality of life as they say… well its all in how you allow it to be and if you allow it to get out of hand in your mind.
My biggest complaint is Doctors… i truly believe they see us chronic pain patients as if we are seeking our next fix . We are at their total mercy and they hold that majic ability to ease our pain litterally , yet more often than not we are not given the opportunity to feel that experience of being a bit less in pain …or none at all. Why… because they chose to judge all by ones bad actions. Yes I am a Chronic Pain Sufferer… NO I am NOT an addict. Just treat us individually , not as a group.
Thank you !!❤😘

Hello I Eric on for quite a while and just

Hello Eric how are you

Have a say in Eric I want to encourage everybody to have a chronic pain so in hell I am I hope everybody will be able to trust God and things will go well

Hi, I am new to the group I lower back pain and neck pain.

When I was in college, I read about a little girl who had been born with many physical and mental problems. She would never have a “normal” life. Yet she was a happy little creature and was much loved by her family. She actually was blessed with the ability to “BE”. She was happy to be alive.
When I was in poor health at a time, my son would rush home instead of hanging with friends to make sure I was okay. To him it was enough that I was just there, just being. To my family and friends it was enough that I was alive, maybe not producing so much as a meal, but I was in the state of being.
Think about it. Learn how to “BE”. You are not your job. You are not what you do. You are here for a reason. Your pain keeps you from doing so you make your “being” important. Even if it is only to be a witness to a bee feeding at a flower, a bird singing his heart out, a cat purring in contentment. We are here for a reason. If that reason is only to give courage to others, it is enough. Take heart, you are enough. BE.

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Yes. I’ve had fibromyalgia all my life. Unfortunately, my daughter is also afflicted with it. It has taken decades for the doctors to even admit it was real. I’m with you in spirit.

Hi, I stay in pain from my back surgery on January 2nd 2018 an they put 2 rods, 8 screws and a bracket. The bracket has broken and one of the screws came loose now the screw is hitting my nerves in my back now my legs & feet are swelling up and I can’t walk or sit for a long period of time.

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Pain high today, I have a sinus infection. Happy 4th to everyone.