Welcome to the Mental Health Community 😊


Loneliness is my biggest problem


Good morning, afternoon, or evening to all were ever you are.
My name is marykay I go by mkay.
I suffer with depression, bipolar 1 disorder, PTSD, anxiety disorder and panic attacks.
I finally got my emotional support dog. She is awesome. We got her on 2/16/19. I am now able to go out for short walks. That is something I didn’t think I could do. It is scary and I keep my phone with me when i go so i can call my kids if i need too.
With all my issues i have no friends and it hurts but i have an awesome supportive family.
Just wanted to say hi and introduce myself. Have a good day.


I am here to see what is wrong with me can you hep me figure it out please.


I can relate I don’t drive anymore either due to same illness as you


Hello my name is helene. I am diagnosed with Schizoaffective Disorder. Sadly, my family is uneducated to know it exist. Not made up.


Hi I’m Jessy. I have Major Depression Disorder, borderline personality disorder, PTSD. I have a lot of others but they fall under my PTSD so my therapist just used PTSD as an umbrella term. My piggyback issues are anxiety and OCD.
I am training my own service dog. She is a major help to me.
I am here to try and connect with others for support. I feel as though support goes both ways.


Hi i’m Rachel I’m new here I have multi mental health illnesses I have anxiety I have depression panic attacks and Gora phobia major


Hi! My name is Martha. I am a caregiver for almost 7 for my 93-year-old Mother In Law who has Dementia. It’s a 24/7 job. I am also Bipolar & a TBI Survivor. Have been married for 37 1/2 years. Have two grown children & 5 grandchildren. Glad to meet ya’ll!


Hi! I’m taylor. I have anxiety and depression. The depression isn’t bad rn tho. I’m in the middle of trying to tweak my meds. It’s been rough lately. I’m always saying yes to do stuff and then having stomach pains when I have to go. I used to go as far as crying when I had to go to dance class or even just dinner w my immediate family. I remember a couple times I’ve had to stand in the bathroom for a while while out at dinner because I was having a rly bad anxiety attack, crying and everything for no real reason. But I’ve been working through it and I’m trying to stay positive and push through this rough patch.


Hello! My name is Lisa I am 55 years old…I have bpd. I also suffer from gad.
I was dx 37 years ago.
Right now I am stable.
Thank goodness!


Hi Julie. I know your pain and loneliness. I don’t have friends because I panic when I leave my house. We should talk and be the first friend.


@paulLuther Hi. I know what you mean. Let me be your friend. When you can deal with others, let me help you through it. That’s the only kind of people that I’ve had in my life. So let’s give it a try.


You’re not going crazy. You have multiple things going on but can be explained and dealt with. You’re not alone and I would love to be your friend. Let me know.


@John13. Let’s talk


@Hamlin64 I know that kind of pain and anger. Let’s talk. I may be able to help.


Hi I’m new. Does anyone else have a problem getting the doctor


What do you take?


Sever anxiety/depression


i have severe anxiety/depression,and I suspect PSD. I forced myself to go out to AA meetings every day. Once you find a place to go where other people understand what’s going on with you it gets better. Not perfect but better than sitting home thinking about how bad things are. That just makes it worse. You have to get out of the house.


Hi my name is Pamela. I have had depression, PTSD, anxiety and my husband who committed suicide and died 9 years ago, and my best friend are bipolar. I have chronic pain chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, and a very painful skin condition. My friend used to use methamphetamines and started to have tremors in her hands arm’s and eventually all over. I became worried and searched the internet for answers. She stopped using meth with my help but the shaking continued.

I eventually found a connection between her psych meds and Parkinson’s. Allot of psych meds can cause Parkinson’s and Dupydrens syndrome. She went to her psych doctor who switched her meds and she is OK now. The shaking can become permanent but if you stop the meds it can go away.

Just wanted to say hi and tell this story. Maybe it can help someone else too. God bless.