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Yes I know what you mean, I’m the same way. I don’t even want to leave my room never mind my home.


Hi Lacy my real name is Sabrina and I’m here if you need to talk. I love this app too!


Pills never seem to help! I’ve been in an out of hospitals to get ( ECT) ElectroConvulsive Therapy.


I understand what you mean. My son got taken from me when he was 10 months old because of my mother and sisters drug addictions and alcohol abuse I was 15 years old at the time. My lawyer told me to get married and move out make him a stable home but that didn’t work I lost him anyway because those people had Milford police department and the Court system in there pocket.

After I lost my son I went to school for a Certified Nursing Assistant, Phlebotomist, and a Medical Assistant and I had two more children by my spouse. His ego got hurt because I made to much money and then our marriage went down the tubes. I tried to leave him and because I was suffering from PTSD among other things he threatened to take my kids away from me and he could have because of the medication I was on. So I was forced to stay, he even sexually assaulted me before but I new if I lost my other son and daughter I would have succeeded in suicide that time so I always felt like I was and am a prisoner in my own home and I had to deal with it to raise my children. My kids are grown now and I’m planning on leaving and finally get a divorce because my spouse can’t keep them from me anymore. But also I got really sick 3 years ago and now I have 3 autoimmune diseases-Rheumatoid Arthritis, Small Fiber Polyneuropathy, Plaque Psoriasis, on top of my mental issues and everything is incurable and one ends in fatality eventually. I look back and question my decision about staying maybe now it’s too late for me to be happy!


No they haven’t and I’m 100% sure that I haven’t been diagnosed with all my mental illnesses yet. I know there is more because the way I feel and the way I think. I ask my psychiatrist but he doesn’t believe I am like what I told him. I told him and I look very healthy for a woman that is really sick health wise . I told him looks are deceiving. I’m thinking about trying to find a new psychiatrist!


Hi Elise!


Your not boring anyone of your problems. If you ever need to talk I’m here. Also if I don’t go on enough I’ll even give you my cell phone number so we can talk. Your not the only one experiencing those issues!


Hi Bren!


I’m right there with you honey!


Hi Dawnie! Welcome.


Hi Beebee. I too suffer deep depression. I’m diagnosed with bipolar, depression and full blown anxiety. I am almost to the point where I cannot leave my apartment.


Why are these all 90 plus days old


I am the same. Friends will hurt you. And in your business about everything. That is why I don’t even have friends. God is my friend and my husband and girls. That is all I need. Praying for u. Strong Christian friends who follow Jesus is the ones to be friends with.


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Hello my name is Laura,
I Was in the hospital for 29 day’s. JANUARY 15TH was my first day out OF the hospital. Was an ok day! However I had an police officer pull us me over, said you know you can’t take Xanax plus drive? I said news to me. Know I have to go see a special Dr and see if I can get a special stickers placed on it all ready for my seizures!! I hope too God they know how CPR and the knowledgeable to Preform longer then just 10 minutes



Hi ,I’m new to this. I just wanted to suggest a genesite test. I had one because my medicine never lasted the pescriotion hours. The test was noninvasive and my insurance payed forit. When ir came back it did conferm that my body eats up meds. It also told me the best meds for my anxiety/panic disorder and depression. Good luck.


Not bored! More concerned . I hope you can find the right Dr. to help you. And remember you are not the only one out there!


Hi, know how you feel. I have anxiety/ panic disorder depression migrains and cronic pain. I have my times at home but I feel safe but even thinking about going to the grocerie store raises my anxiety. It can take me days to get strong enough to go to the store. I run around the store and get out of there as fast as possible. I hope this helps knowing other people feel like this too.


I hear you. I’m new and I want to say so much but I feel like I’m insulting people who feel much worse than I do.


Hello, I’m Kim.
I have anxiety and depression.
I am a grandmother raising 3 grandchildren. One of which we adopted.
Some days my anxiety gets a little out of control…
I have a grandson that has down syndrome and he really causes the problem…
But I am learning to control it.
My doctor wants me to take time to myself, but that’s hard when ur the primary caregiver…
Husband works so lil help from him.