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Iโ€™ll be your friend, Julie.


โ€œ@โ€œ I suffer from panic attacks, anxiety, schitzoaffective disorder, bipolar 1 disorder, PTSD, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, and severe depression an chronic stress.

I donโ€™t even want to get out of bed anymore, and I have health issues that started 3 years ago that are incurable and can end up in fatality.

My kids are grown now my daughter is 23, my son is 20 years old. I moved to Florida because I planned to stay on the beach drinking pina coladas but that is impossible now. Also Iโ€™ve been waiting to get a divorce for 21 years when my kids got older because my spouse threatened me , he told me if I left him heโ€™d take my kids from me because of my mental health and PTSD from losing my first son. My mother and sister are drug addicts and that is why they took him from me.
I was traumatized at first because I was 14 years old when I had him, he was 10 months old when they took him from me. They said I was mentally retarded and everything else they could call me.

My 26 year old son is now a heroine addict but my other two children I raised turned out wonderful. They donโ€™t use drugs, they are super intelligent and they are great artists. I taught them how to draw. I worked as a Certified Nurses Aide & Phlebotomist for 27 years and a Medical Assistant for 5 years . My patients were my adopted family.

Iโ€™m taking action iโ€™m going to be moving slowly but surely I am sending my things to a friends I have in PA because my husband can be abusive in every way. I didnโ€™t tell anyone but my daughter she knows what he has been doing to me. I never bought anything valuable because I knew this day will come and I wanted to pack light. I didnโ€™t want to fight over anything materialistic so Iโ€™ve been just existing there. Hopefully by June I Can leave. Heโ€™s just worried because of the military pension and his 8 retirement accounts and what Lethe has and Alimony. I donโ€™t like change when it comes to anything but my psychiatrist said I need to leave and get divorced because the Chronic Stress can kill me from my childhood abuse and and my spouse. He said Iโ€™ll get better and probably go back into nursing. It will change my life he said. He said I need a purpose in life, and do everything I want to do that I love for myself. So I am!!โ€™ I donโ€™t know how much longer I have left. I made a bucket list that I would like to start on.

I hope you get better soon. If you ever want to talk my cell phone number is on my profile ok? Anytime!!!๐Ÿ™‚๐Ÿ™‚๐Ÿ™‚๐Ÿ™‚


It is very nice to be able to talk about our issues with someone is suffering from the same problems!


Yes it is very overwhelming! Your right!


My name is Sabrina my nickname is Brian, and I joined this group a week ago. Itโ€™s nice to have someone to relate to what Iโ€™m going through because they are going through the same thing! It feels like our own family! If you look on my profile youโ€™ll see everything I am suffering from. Itโ€™s to much to list! Also Iโ€™m sure those arenโ€™t the only diagnosis that I have but the doctor hasnโ€™t caught on yet.

But I wanted to say good morning to everyone !


Iโ€™m not good with talking to people either but Iโ€™m trying but I know itโ€™s going to take a little time. If you want to talk hit me up!


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Hi Iโ€™m Bill. I have ADHD, OCD, general anxiety and depression. Just checking this out.


I have a spinal cord injury at T4. I have chronic pain for which I have been prescribed Cymbalta among other medications. This medication also treats depression. I have been suffering from depression for a few months now and the drug has kept it from ballooning completely of control. It took me a while to figure out what was going on. I had a brief episode before. After my accident I was bedridden for 9 months. I started to cry, which is something that I rarely do, thinking of how the rest of my life would just be pain and suffering. I was able to lift my spirits by going home and live with my sister. Having family around really helped. Now however I have all these negative thoughts running around my mind and itโ€™s maddening.


Hi Iโ€™m Jack. I have major depression with psychotic symptoms, anxiety and PTSD. Iโ€™m not very social but on advice or my doctor Iโ€™m trying not to isolate so much.


Iโ€™m Bev I have anietxy and depression. So staying on task is a hard to do.


I know what it is like to suffer with a mental illness
I have schizoaffective bipolar 1 disorder. I spend money like crazy
I would like to know how you who suffer with the same thing. Handle your finances. I mean how do you save money. How do you know where and when to buy good quality things at an inexpensive price.Thanks


Hello it is flovea again. I would like to learn how to make friends too.


It is Flovea. Just wanted to say hello to all of you. H.O.P.E. stands for Hold On Pain Ends


Hello miss or mister cmyser
My is flovea. I know from experience it takes a good doctor and the right combination of talk therapy and therapist and the right medication. To do the trick
Hold on it is out there.


It is Flovea again
Doing volunteer work helps.


Hello 2 slye. Jehovah (which is Godโ€™s name)cares about you. Please feel free to check out.www.jw.org
You can look up jehovahโ€™s witnesses in the area where you live.


Iโ€™d love to be your friend.


I have depression so bad and anixty panic attacks. More health problems. As I get older it gets worse most of the timeโ€ฆ


I just wanted to say hello