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I would like know what kind of symptoms come with using Prednisone. I currently take 20mg once a day. I am taking it for rheumatoid arthritis. It is working well now and I don’t want to go back to severe pain again. I have been on it for about six weeks.


I would like to know if Prednisone will cause side effects affecting my mental health. Symptoms I have more racing thoughts and anxiety. Do you have any answer that you could share


I enjoy reading about their different issues. My response to someone who’s medication that is not to give up. Sometimes mental health goes right along with physical problems.


Hello my name is veronica im 30 years old i suffer from bipolar 2 depression anxity OCD ptsd nornally a loner which makes me more depressed im on 3 different meds for that alone also suffer from high cholesterol and high blood pressure


Hello my name is Tanya I have depression and anxiety. I’m not sure how long I’ve had anxiety but it feels like it’s been my whole life I’ve never really liked being around a lot of people or crowds. But the depression started in 2005 when I lost my husband to pancreatitis cancer and I guess I’ve never got to morn the lost not only did I lose him but I lost one of my husband’s kids to the war and I list my step dad whom I loved very much and a really good friend as well all with in a month apart. So that’s my story thanks for reading and thanks for letting me join the group


Hi I am ashley Heath I suffer from ptsd , chronic anxiety, depression,panic attacks, ADHD and mood swing disorder.I have one child of my own


I like to say hi


I’m knew here, just trying to figure this out.


Welcome. I have been on this app for a few weeks and get confused still. Hope you are well 😊


Hi I’m Dimesha and I suffer from Bipolar Depression and PTSD. I’m just looking for a way to better deal with my issues


30+ years of Narcissistic Abuse Syndrome, Clinical Depression, C-PTSD, Chronic Anxiety Disorder, Chronic Panic Disorder, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Chronic Pain Syndrome, Degenerative Disc Disease, Severe Vertigo, Arthritis, Hallucinations, Agoraphobia.


I have bipolar 1. I had my first psychotic break last October. Lasted 4 days. My husband was with me the whole time. I got triggered by an ECT session that day. Never doing ECT again. I was told since I had one episode I probably will have more.
Stopped taking lithium due to terrible weight gain. On abilify, seroquel, bupropion, klonopin, synthroid and metformin. Lithium ruined my thyroid and gave me pre-diabetes.
Other than that I’m on a 5 day getaway with my husband and dog. (Cabin in the woods)


I don’t know what is wrong with me. I burn my arms.


Hello! I suffer from dissociative disorder, anxiety,and depression. I have learned some ways to deal with this however I am always looking to find more ideas!


Hello, my name is Paula and I struggle with bipolar disorder, anxiety and depression. I have a hard time with making decisions, I’ll second guess myself to the point of anxiety and panic, where I feel overwhelmed. I was mentally, verbally and emotionally abused by my ex husband for 12 years. I fell in love again with a wonderful man, got married and 3 1/2 months before our 1st anniversary he was diagnosed with stage 4 kidney cancer. We were married for 1 year and 5 days when he passed away. I haven’t been the same since and he’s been gone almost 3 years.
My daddy passed away when I was 17 and doctors have told me the reason I latch on so quick is I’m looking for a father figure. Idk… I have days that the littlest things will hurt my feelings and I cry a lot, I have days that things make me angry and I self harm, I have days that I’m easily confused and nervous and I have days where I’m in a great mood and happy. I know I’m different than I used to be and I don’t like that but it’s something else I deal with.
I have 3 amazing daughters 25, 20, & 18 😊 we’re pretty close and I talk to them almost every day. They’re in central Indiana, southern Florida and in Houston Texas. Given what they’ve been thru with me, they are doing great. They are close to me and each other, I’m very Proud of them.
So, there’s a little about me🙂


I have not been diagnosed as mental health problems but I know deep down inside that I do have some depression shyness a severe case of shyness panic attacks I’m not on any medication for this however I would like to seek help from a professional or just someone else to talk to.


Hi Everyone. I’ve been suffering from extreme PTSD and bipolar depression for about 25 of my 37 years. Just wanted to introduce myself.


I have bipolar 1 with mixed states. One severe psychosis under my belt last year.
Tried to put a hold on lithium because of weight gain,thyroid, and pre-diabetes problems. I was off two months and I got delusional, paranoid, and full of anxiety. Needless to say, I’m back on lithium and feel a world better. So, suck it up & cope with side effects.
I’m looking for a psychiatric service dog. Any ideas??


Hi everyone I also feel like I’m always depressed I don’t like taking pills sometimes I get panic attacks in which I do feel like my stomach I have learned to recognize them but in two occasions I felt like I was going to have a heart attack I just discovered this site and I think it’ll help to talk to people who suffers from the same thing I do I don’t believe in taking pills I believe in talking venting


Hi my name is Kitty. I am new to opening up to strangers about my mental health. I have bipolar severe depression PTSD severe anxiety and I hear voices in my head are not there forget whats its called… On top of all that I am a girlfriend and a mother. I have to most supportive understanding boyfriend been togather for 10 years in June 14. My son is only 2. Well