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Feeling like shit got a migraine muscles hurt. Mood unstable. Deppressed. Tired. God grant me the serenity


66 year old Paranoid Schzephrenic(correct spelling please! Forgot it) with Bi-Polar.
Born with, until 24, the main symptom being Idiopathic Grand-mal Epilepsy. Under control from 8 or 9 until it’s disappearance at age 24.
Been in the throws of excessive paranoia, anxiety, panic and what appeared to be a myriad of visual and auditory hallucinations until approximately 33. Being lessening to nearly a dull roar since!
Host of other problems because of the mental ones.


Hello everyone


My mind is stuck. I know I will have to kiss serious butt to make things right with people. However, I can’t seem to know where to go


How do we respond to other people’s post on this feed?


I am very depressed and in happy. I stay to myself and I’m better. I don’t like to be around people. Only on face book do I communicate.


Hi I’m maria having a hard time dealing with everything, I have PTSD, anxiety, personality disorder, anger, depression, crowd phobia. Somedays don’t want to leave the house or deal with people.


Hi all, I’m DiAnna I have Major Depression, Severe Anxiety and PTSD. I have the most trouble keeping my depression under control. Put I keep pushing forward.


Hi im Ann i suffer from bipolar 1 and anxiety ADD agoraphonic and it is a day to day process to try stay ok they put me on a drug called lamictal 7 years ago and it works amazing for me i barley hsve any episodes anymore it has been a mirical drug for me


I also hsve ptsd om 48 years old


My lables piss me off because I’M NOT A LABLE! BORDERLINE ANEREXIA, BORDERLINE PERSONALITY DISORDER, PTSD, BIPOLAR, ANXIETY DISORDER, ADHD…I have been on the same meds for 8 yrs but they are not working as well as they use to…every time I’m started on a new med I end up seriously depressed cuz the dose is WAY to low…I love me on my meds I’m taking now…I just feel like I need more. But I hate the 6 months to see if a slowly higher dose would work. I TRULY hate being dependent on medication.


Hi everyone.
My nickname name everywhere online is Nferia, so I kept it here too.
I figure, if I make a new friend, at least you will recognize me.

I have a slew of medical conditions ranging from major bipolar manic depressive disorder to nerve damage to my spine from what others would consider a small tumble.

I am on tons of medications, or strike that, I should be taking them but, sometimes, I let them lapse, and I dont do it on purpose but there it is.

When I was a kid, I had an eating disorder. Anorexia, then bulimia and I thought I beat it… and I did… sorta.

Seriously, if my 17byrs old self saw me now, I would never leave the bathroom. I would be exercising till I passed out. I would be on all forms of diet pills.
Sad part, I considered it.
That’s how I know it’s still there.

I should be on…omg here we go…

Epival / seizures and mood stabilizer
Cymbalta / anxiety, sleep aid, fibromyalgia, skeletal pain
Metformin / sugar stabilizer / weight issues
Ventolin, and a purple inhaler for COPD due to chronic bronchitis.
I also have codeine content for when the pain is off the charts. 1-10 being the scale. And a pill that is like gravol ultra strength times 1000.

I know others take more. However, to be fair, someone could be on one pill, and be worse off than all of us.

I just hope to talk to ppl that understand.

Ps… I am also an Aspies adult, so sometimes, I may seem a tad off, if you are put off by something I have said, please ask for clarifications before getting upset. 9/10, we are just having a miscommunication. I am famous for those.


Hey my name is Gladys. I suffer from depression but I take medicine for it. Sometimes it work and other times it doesn’t


It must have been hard for you to share. I would think you need to share your symptoms with a doctor you trust. If they can’t help ask for a referral to someone who can. Don’t think you are crazy. There may be a valid medical reason for your condition. I know that Parkinson suffers can experience hallucinations, low heart rates can deprive your brain of oxygen causing you to fall asleep at odd times. I would fall asleep during parties with kids running around screaming and loud music and activities going on around me. After my pacemaker was inserted I was able to stay awake even with quiet around me. Please don’t give up and just accept this condition. There is a reason and you will find it if you keep looking


Hi my name is Jayleine and I too suffer from, PTSD, and anxiety, and hearing voices does anyone take any sort of medicine to get better?


Hi. I’m new here.


Hi : I just want to say thank for letting me get a mmumber for Carezone… am 70 year’s old just today my birthday 🎉🌺☺️ I love to get a translation of my massage to Arabic language to be able to understand me what I want … thanks


I’ve had mental illness most of my adult life. My dad passed away suddenly when I was 17, it MESSED ME UP! 😯😕😢I believe that was when I noticed that I seemed to be angry alot. I’ve been in and out of mental facilities several times, now I’m taking meds for my illness.


Hi. My name is Veronica. I have bipolar disorder


Hello everyone my name is Cat. Short for Cathleen.
Ive graduated from treatment at the Hampton V.A. hospital. Which was a solid two year program for treating vetrans like myself.
I have the following ailments:
Mental illnesses: 4
Adhd combined with Aspergers syndrome ( high-spectrum autism) which is a social developmental disorder. Attention deficit disorder with hyperactivity.
PTSD - post traumatic stress disorder.
Major Depression… Yup im 4 times nuts. Excuse my self depreciating humor! But define " normal"!!
Stage 3 kidney disease.
Pantello-femoral syndrome in both knees.
Traumatic Brain Injury ( TBI)
High blood pressure.
Heart murmurs.
Carpal Tunnel syndrome.
Deviated Septum with a cyst size of a quarter in my maxillary sinus cavity.
Post nasal drip.
Allergies to EVERYTHING.
Even though im afflicted with all these ailments, i find positivity in God every day. The small blessings. Taking every day at a time and counting them and not taking it for granted. Bc small things add up to large ones. And i keep that ace in my pocket. Matter of fact, i like to think of myself and YOU as extraordinary. Why? Because people like us have a different insight on the world we live in. And so many times the stigma against us is negative because of few bad apples in the bunch. For instance, hypothetically speaking oh he must be mentally ill to have shot up that mall last week …who does that? He must be mentally disturbed. You get what im saying here? The negative impact of actions. Affecting the mentally ill community. When i know most of us are better than that. We have seeked treatment and know right from wrong. But some are beyond help and thats where the trouble lies in the stigma of the mentally ill. TREATMENT is 🔑. We all have daily issues everyday. And it dont hurt to let it all out. To speak your mind on things that bug you. Its healthy as long you dont hurt anyone in the process. Thats where its dangerous. I get it sometimes buttons get pushed too much. Ive been there. People get your goat, push your buttons and trigger you to do things you normally wouldnt do. But there are consequences for every action too. And you have to use good judgement but if your judgement is impaired? Because of some mental disorder. Then what? What do you do then. When the world comes crashing down on you and you dont know why? It becomes a problem somehow. Even when you may have good intentions in mind. Ironically, these things happen all the time. Or maybe just not mentally aware of the wrongdoing taking place. Because the person themselves are numb mentally, emotionally. And physically. Which may why some people do some insane things like they do. Theres alwaysba reason behind it . good or bad. And this TREATMENT is so important. To talk things out rationalize and analyze your thinking processes. Before acting on them. Be mindful of your surroundings. And people too.