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I have been depressed and angry, since my wife kicked me out October of last year. She had her boyfriend moved in, 2 months after I moved out.


Hi Everyone!! I am 38 years old female from Richmond Va. I suffer from ADHD Depression Anxiety and Bipolar Disorder I also have MS. I just have one question for everybody due to my ADHD I am always make poor decisions in my life. Right now my anxiety is high because I am scared I might lose a friend who is super close to me due to my poor decision I made yesterday. Can anybody tell me how I can keep my friends instead of losing them all the time due to my poor decision making skills. I have been in tears all day I dont want to lose this friend.


I have been diagnosed


I have been diagnosed with major depression with mania that comes with it about every three months. I am able to control-it with medication. I have been stable with my medications for the past month. Waiting for three months to pass until my next episode. It took years for me to accept that I had an mental health illness because I was too busy taking care of my sister and mother who suffered with mental illness and just didnโ€™t have time to focus on me. I ttried to educate myself to help me understand mental illness for about nine years which helped me cope. if someone is having mental health problems, please, donโ€™t wait to get in right programs and most of all get to the right professionals. GOD BLESS


Donโ€™t be discourage. Reach out to your DR. and get the mental health help you need. Join Natonal Alliance of Mental Health that maybe in your area. I is a great support for those that are struggling with mental health difficulty. It sounds like you really need the support. My prayers are being sent your way. GOD BLESS




Hi everyone I have mental health issuses.I canโ€™t work because of my health and my back is not good. I also have scoliosis which that is MS. My back has a slight curve and gradually as days go by my back gets worse I just had an MRI done last Monday morning my test came back and Iโ€™m going to call my doctor to see if I can make an appointment to go over my x-rays of my test well everybody have a good night.


Hello, Iโ€™m Dannielle and I am almost 43yrs old. I have suffered from depression since I was 12. I have bipolar 2 disorder with psychotic features, borderline personality disorder, PTSD, The The Generalized Anxiety disorder, codependent, multiple personalities, and other personality disorders non-specified. I suffer from both flashbacks and panic attacks. I have nightmares when I do get to sleep.
My question is : How do I get my boyfriend to accept that I really do have multiple personalities??? He blames only me for things that the other personalities did to him.


Hello out there. I to suffer from many of the symptoms that you all have. Mine came about from a work related stress and emotional abuse episodes about 10 years ago. I have been on a little by little recovery process and theyโ€™re doing much better now. I now know what triggers my anxieties and how to calm them down without medicines. However, I am still quite dependent on some of my meds but I am in control of meds and the meds are not in control of me.๐Ÿ˜

I wish you all well.


I apologize that I havenโ€™t introduced myself. I am somewhat private about my issues. But here I go. I have struggled with depression, anxiety, OCD since I was a teenager into my 20โ€™s. In my early 30โ€™s I was diagnosed with having Bipolar 2 disorder which later changed to Bipolar 1. That diagnosis was very difficult for me to accept and at times still is. The reasons for those is something I am not going to share. In 2011, I had the worst time of my life and only a couple of years ago, I somewhat found my way back to my โ€œnormal.โ€ I worked hard with the help of a wonderful therapist who guided me to change my behavior. She helped me understand that I can embrace my disorders and accept it. Much of my life, in my 20โ€™s especially, my actions and behavior was to do things to keep my mental illness not part of my reality. I also have a wonderful psychiatrist who found the right medication combination for me. She also talks to you about your life, not just write a prescription. My parents love me unconditionally and support me, sometimes too much, hindering my independence at the age of 40. Anywayโ€ฆ a lot more can be said.

Hope everyone has a peaceful evening.



Hi this Cheryl again. Not sure what to put on this page. But here goes everything. I am starting to loose grip on my sisterโ€™s belonging. My brother-in-law is giving away to his girlfriend of 6 1/2 years because he wants her to be happy (she really does not deserve anything before he dies)to take it and go home so he can sleep. she just annoys him. Tomorrow will be my sonโ€™s Jonathanโ€™s 7 year anniversary of him taking his life. Now I ame dealing with this woman. Hi do I stop her from taking anything more. It saddens me that she comes over and 3 days before I was going to take my sisters Gold jewelry box today itโ€™s gone. I am trying to turn the other cheek but how can I she making me crazy.




I dont really know what to say


Iโ€™m struggling with bipolar itโ€™s hard to keep in control


I do like your name, ist Deutsch?? My Eilsel is my given name spelled backwards. I came up with it when I needed a new n


Hello I am Mimi. New to the group. A couple years ago I was diagnosed bipolar. I also suffer from very bad depression and am very much a introvert. Even going outdoors scares and stresses me to the point I now suffer with high blood pressure and if it gets really bad I have fainted in public due to being totally overwhelmed. I have other diagnosis as well PTSD etc. I hope this group may help me. Thank you.


Thank you. I hope this group benefits me. I so far am reading people who are surviving the same as me and that I am not alone.


Hello. I have depression, anxiety, and PTSD. Several other issues as well but those relate to this topic. Panic attacks, constant stressing, fear, worry, etc are all pretty much my norm. Just trying out this app to help with my medication tracking. Not only to remember to take it but documenting any side effects and such.


New here I have PTSD and panic disorder and anxiety


Hello all!
Well here goes. Like most of you live with multiple mental health issues. I suffer from Bipolar Disorder, Major Depressive Disorder, PTSD, Anxiety & Panic Attacks. I started exhibiting symptoms when I was 16 years old. My symptoms got worse after I had my oldest son at 22, but I was not diagnosed until I was 29. I am 46 years old with 2 boys. My baby is 11 and my oldest is 24. My oldest was diagnosed Bipolar at 17 years old.

I have severe spinal stenosis I was diagnosed 5 years ago, and before then I thought I had my illness under control but after being confined to a wheelchair and bed ridden for a year my depression got the best of me. I gained more than 100 pounds. People that I thought were my friends stopped coming around once they realized I would never walk, run, or go dancing with them again. My best friend is my ex-husband who is in prison so I cant exactly contact him when I need to talk. My sister is my live-in caretaker but she will be moving to Las Vegas NV shortly, we live in California now.

In order to understand myself and my mental illness better I went back to school and got my BA in 2014 majoring in Abnormal Psychology. Iโ€™ve gone back to school and I am in my last year of graduate school for Psychology - Licensed Clinical Mental Health. I want to help those like you and I who battle and survive mental health issues everyday. I hope to network and make friends who can understand me and what I go through so we can grow and learn from each other. God Bless and Stay Strong ๐Ÿค—