Welcome to the Mental Health Community 😊

Hello my name is Monica Michelle Dillon & I struggle with many issues. I’m employed by NAMI of Lexington and the main issue I struggle with is stress & productivity. I overcome struggles everyday with bipolar disorder, BPD, anxiety, complex PTSD and mood swings.

Hi my name is Jack. 20yo male from Queensland, Australia. Currently a Student Nurse at University. I suffer from Major Depressive Disorder, Generalised Anxiety Disorder and Psychosis. Currently using Fluoxetine, Quetiapine and Diazepam. Cruising along quite steady.

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Hello I’m Roxanne I suffer anxiety and depression panic attacks

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Hi everyone. I’m new to this. I would love to get to share some of my issues with others that don’t judge. Hope to make new online friends.

That’s a few of the issues I have. I can’t even bear to leave my house. Most of the time my safe home is also my prison.

You sound like a very bright and interesting person. I’ve been called crazy for years,so I get what you feel. Just know you’re not alone. We can all stand strong and comfort eachother.

Well I no what you mean I had court and then went home some one was ordered by Jude not to show up at my house and she showed up I had the cops 2 times at my house

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I know exactly how you Feel! My license expired in 2009, but I stopped driving in 2005. I think I am ok to get another license. Btw…I am also bipolar, with high anxiety and ptsd. Only time I get out is once monthly for groceries, when there are less people shopping. My mail is at a PO Box practically at my back door. Post office is a two minute walk from my front door.

No one can help me I have bipolar and adhd both they say they can only treat one or the other panic attack anxiety attacks,ptsd seems can’t win for losing.

Hello Candy

Hello i am julie i am diagnosed with bypolor severe anxiety and depression ptsd and adhd. I have been going through hell husband ended it a week before our 9 year anniversary but this is third time he left me and my girls jyst needing a friend and support

Hi im Gina… Gigi for short. I have several mental health problems. Severe depression, anxiety and panick, PTSD. Its hard daily to keep in control due to my pain levels. Alot of my time is spent alone. Just wanted to say hi.

I am Sonya. I have been diagnosed with 5 mental illnesses. They are: Bipolar I, ADHD, Major Depressive disorder, PTSD, and General anxiety disorder. I also have many more health problems. I tried to kill myself 4 times. The last time I actually died but they brought me back. So, taking many overdoses, they have caused many more problems. I have recently started new meds, and they are working great. I still struggle with depression and racing thoughts, but it’s manageable.

Nice to meet you all.

Hi, I am new to the group I have bipolar type 2, anxiety and Ptsd.

Hi, I’m Ravenn
I wish there had been a way 20 years ago to find a place like this where people could let the fences down and be who they really are and ask for moral support from people that g CT gf

Thank you for sharing I deal with the same things.
So glad we might be able to help each other

I have BiPolar disorder II am on Lithium, clonopin, Serequel,Trazadone, Gabapentin, Lunesta, Mirapex. And a bunch of others. Does anyone goes for ECT I’ve been going for 2 1/2 years It helps tremendously. Thank for listening. Stay well.

I understand I no longer drive either I still have my drivers license cause different medical places ask for it.not leaving the house is called agoraphobia. Which I have too. Part time. Its annoying but with covid19 out there I would rather be inside!!I’m hear if you need to talk. Not only am I a patient but I have a Master’s in Social Work from University of Maryland.

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