Welcome to the Mental Health Community 😊

Hi I’m Darlene. I have several mental issues. BPD, anxiety, bi-polar, PTSD from childhood trauma, self harm, MMD.
I am really down right now. I’m in a medical hospital for chest pains and they are finding all kinds of other stuff wrong. I have no more chest pains. Which I’m very grateful for. I am getting depressed. I feel like I am falling apart. I’ve been crying and thinking of SH even though I’m in the hospital. I know I am in the hospital for getting better. I just want to go home. And eat. I haven’t any thing since Tuesday afternoon except for 1 bowl of broth and jello. I’m hungry. But I am on nothing by mouth. Thanks for letting me rant. It’s been a couple of days. Was supposed to see my therapist yesterday. So I just had to get this out

Hi. I’m Terry. I have BPD, major clinical depression, PTSD, high anxiety, OCD.
I’m 63 years young, life with my wife of 36 years as friends-no longer as husband and wife (she wanted a seperation, I got a broken health so I’ suicidal. I don’t work because all the medication I take makes me unable to function properly- as a CPA, so I’m on social security Disability.

Hi I’m Rayn. I’m new & happy to join a group full of information & personal experience that will make me more aware of new options to explore or just listen or help someone else. I’ve got OCD, rapid cycle bipolar disorder, anxiety w severe panic disorder, PTSD, I think that’s all…that’s enough lol! 🙂

Hi everyone, I’m new to this community, but im finally glad to have someone to connect with and talk to who is dealing or caring for someone with Similar mental illness. Is anyone a caretaker or dealing with paranoid Schizophrenia ??

I am Patricia Jones I am 56 received SSI PTSD

I’m so sorry. Hope u feel better today

Hi. How about a hobby? I have this situation now because I have bipolar and just plain hate everyone lol jk. I was gonna take salsa group lessons…maybe something u like.

I like your style. I have had Epilepsy since I was 12yrs. But now I am struggling with Bipolar disorder, I guess I have always had it, but now it is really out of control. The mood swings are awful, my poor husband has really stood by me, and he has no idea what is happening or how to help, but he sticks close, thank GOD. All the kids are grown and gone, that’s good. I try to do One Day at a Time, but that’s hard when you are suppose to have a Schedule for the Bipolar. OMG this is hard. Looking for friends and advice.

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Hi Pamela. I’m Bipolar 2 with a side of PTSD and crippling anxiety. We are quite special aren’t we? :)

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Hi last few I have no energy to do ☹️ anything Evan eat.no desire to things I like doing ether.no sleeping ether.

I’m grateful for my Lord and Savior for another day alive and hopefully I’ll find find a church home and be useful there again.i feel so useless.

Pray first then take baby steps just say hi. And smile 😊

Hello, my name is Peggy. I am diagnosed with Bipolar 2, Anxiety, Panic Attacks, and Insomnia. My biggest issue has been severe depression with periods of mania where I have poor money management and will shop or gamble way to much. I am happy to see that there is a community group of this sort.

hello my name is ally and i am newly diagnosed with major depression, anxiety and adjustment disorder. I also have chronic pain and nausea ^-^ anyways super openminded polyamorous and nonvanilla. feel free to reach out

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Hi anyone on generic Thorizine?

I’m Delores I have been working on myself , unfortunately I’m having some problems with letting go of my past and forgiveness
I also am working on loving and praying for my enemies

The Complete Guide to Ketamine Therapy for Depression, From Someone Who’s Tried It.


Hello, I’m very grateful to be part of this community. My problems go back to when I only 12 years old and I’m 42 now. I suffer from PTSD, Bi-Polar depression, as well as extreme mood swings. I’m blessed that my medications are still working for me, though I know my doctor is raising my Lamotrigine as well as my anti depression .
Medications. I do have a positive attitude that this will help me a lot.

For anyone that is interested

ZME Science: Why ketamine is so good against depression.


Hey I’ve been and am where you’ve been, in my own way and life experience. I was originally diagnosed with Major Depresive Disorder; than they realized they didn’t read my chart close enough, and changed my diagnosis to Bi-Polar depression; I tend to be more on the down than manic side. When the manic part pops up it’s like my world is upside down out of control. Anytime you want to talk, I’m here for you, I’m a PM away 😊