Welcome to the Mental Health Community 😊

hello my name is ally and i am newly diagnosed with major depression, anxiety and adjustment disorder. I also have chronic pain and nausea ^-^ anyways super openminded polyamorous and nonvanilla. feel free to reach out

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Hi anyone on generic Thorizine?

I’m Delores I have been working on myself , unfortunately I’m having some problems with letting go of my past and forgiveness
I also am working on loving and praying for my enemies

The Complete Guide to Ketamine Therapy for Depression, From Someone Who’s Tried It.


Hello, I’m very grateful to be part of this community. My problems go back to when I only 12 years old and I’m 42 now. I suffer from PTSD, Bi-Polar depression, as well as extreme mood swings. I’m blessed that my medications are still working for me, though I know my doctor is raising my Lamotrigine as well as my anti depression .
Medications. I do have a positive attitude that this will help me a lot.

For anyone that is interested

ZME Science: Why ketamine is so good against depression.


Hey I’ve been and am where you’ve been, in my own way and life experience. I was originally diagnosed with Major Depresive Disorder; than they realized they didn’t read my chart close enough, and changed my diagnosis to Bi-Polar depression; I tend to be more on the down than manic side. When the manic part pops up it’s like my world is upside down out of control. Anytime you want to talk, I’m here for you, I’m a PM away 😊

Hi I’m Brianne and I suffer from Generalized anxiety disorder. I listen to podcasts to help ease my anxiety and take walks.

Good evening to you all. I hope you are all doing well. Just wanted to say hi and that I’m new to this group.

Hello just a brief introduction to all here

Hi. Im Christie. Pretty new to this kindof thing. I have type 1 bipolar depression. Its frustrating at times. Feels like im outside my body. Watching it happen and cant make it stop. Anyone else feel that?

I hope that this a safe place. Please do not call the authorities and put me in a padded cell. I would put lol, but this is not an lol moment. Let’s just get real for a moment. This is not meant to trigger anyone who is struggling with depression, anxiety, and only God knows what else. I try to take my meds, see my psychiatrist, and talk to a therapist weekly. I’m trying to be strong at this time, but I have to say things that are very hard right now. I know that all of you who reads this can relate. It’s Christmas time which is joyous and celebratory. This is for all who are like me trying to be strong and carry on, but there is no Christmas tree, gifts to open, or someone to share this miraculous, joyful time. We are the many who are hanging on by a thread. We are experiencing financial troubles, messy homes, and mass confusion in a time of celebration to all but us… the chosen few. I know that is a bit dramatic. I’m going to tell you a funny little story about myself. I have mail piled high on my kitchen counters, in an upstairs bathtub, and office. I patted myself on the back for getting the mail flowing on my kitchen floor finally up due to a wonderful online therapy called betterhelp.com. Anyone that cannot get out of their homes due to anxiety, I have researched this company and it is an excellent option for therapy. Now back to my story. I got the mail off of the kitchen floor finally! Yah me, right? I then tackled my extremely filthy kitchen floor which just about made me want to run out of my home screaming. Despite the major depression, bipolar 2, anxiety disorder, I’m still trying. Understand that I’ve cried, experienced panic, and wanted to reach out to a friend that does not exist. Oh I tried to call a friend who said that everyone knew that “I was crazy”. There’s that stigma rearing it’s ugly head again and again. I decided to cut contact with this “friend”. I’m not giving up. I do not need people that continuously bring me down. That is not love or friendship. I going back in that kitchen and clean that floor. Stand strong with me. Let’s not give up the fight even when “the normal people” put us in a category that makes working a job impossible, having healthy relationships, etc. Remember the movie, “Dirty Dancing” where Patrick Swayze says…”nobody puts Baby in a corner”? Despite our struggles and battles, let’s comfort each other at this very difficult time of year. Let no one but you in a corner. We are all in this together! Just hold on! Light, love, and peace to everyone out there.

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Has anyone out there dealt with a narcissist parent. That wrote them of for dead just because you took a stand that you were not worthless. That included not being told when he was sick or dying. Written out of a large estate and leaving everything to my sister. Getting my sister to honor his wishes even if they were just to hurt me.

I am looking to get over it but I am resentful that my sister is financially set and I am not. I feel like I am being punished for the rest of my life and there
Is nothing I can do about it.

Is there anyone with a similar situation that has found a way through it to being able to trust people again and be happy.?
I keep being told to accept it and forgive them but I keep coming back to the reality that I don’t have the money and won’t.

Hey everyone! I’m new here. I have PTSD, Bipolar, Depression, Anxiety & Panic attacks.

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Hello my name is Monica Michelle Dillon & I struggle with many issues. I’m employed by NAMI of Lexington and the main issue I struggle with is stress & productivity. I overcome struggles everyday with bipolar disorder, BPD, anxiety, complex PTSD and mood swings.

Hi my name is Jack. 20yo male from Queensland, Australia. Currently a Student Nurse at University. I suffer from Major Depressive Disorder, Generalised Anxiety Disorder and Psychosis. Currently using Fluoxetine, Quetiapine and Diazepam. Cruising along quite steady.

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Hello I’m Roxanne I suffer anxiety and depression panic attacks

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Hi everyone. I’m new to this. I would love to get to share some of my issues with others that don’t judge. Hope to make new online friends.

That’s a few of the issues I have. I can’t even bear to leave my house. Most of the time my safe home is also my prison.

You sound like a very bright and interesting person. I’ve been called crazy for years,so I get what you feel. Just know you’re not alone. We can all stand strong and comfort eachother.