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Hi Iโ€™m Midnite Iโ€™m 49 living with HIV since 1999.


Hi my name is Queen and Iโ€™m new to this


Hi all, new here. Iโ€™ve been dx since 2000/Nov. Great Drs and been on truvada and Isentress for over 8 years. Now on Biktarvy. I worry about what damage to my kidney did taking Truvada done.

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Iโ€™ve been hiv-positive since 1988 still living with the virus undetectable for about 15-20 years now health is in pretty good shape diabetes high blood pressure overall my numbers are very well exercise dearly not in a relationship thatโ€™s all I can add at this time.

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Been living successfully with HIV since 1985.

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I was married 13 years ago and i believe he married me even though he knew he had HIV. We even consummated the marriage on our honeymoon. Thank G-D I didnโ€™t get it. He died last June from pneumonia brought on by the HIV. He also had cancer for those 13 yrs. His dad is in denial.

I was recently diagnosed with HIV, two weeks ago which I also had pneumonia Iโ€™m really scared, tired, I have 2 boys 8&12, I want to be around for themโ€ฆ I am still waiting for my ID Dr appointment, someone else is coming next week to talk about what they can do to help me out money wise specially

Iโ€™m only 31 my name is brat mom

Hello, Iโ€™m a 61 year old gay male and I was diagnosed with HIV in May of 2016 because of my inability to work I was placed on United Healthcare / Medicaid and that is where I get all of my meds. I am currently on genvoya however over my last to bloodworks my CD4 count has been dropping and that is a major concern to me can I go to my ID doctor tomorrow and believe me they will be a major discussion about this situation. Wish me luck.

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Hi guys Iโ€™m Mindy I am 48 I have been living with HIV since 2011

Iโ€™d like to know if everyone that has HIV gets cancer?

My name is Ashley. Iโ€™m am 27 and I take care of my 25 year old sister who is HIV+. She had 2 back to back strokes in September 2018 due to drug use and is now fully bedridden and unable to speak or move. Iโ€™m just trying to educate on HIV. Resources are welcome

Hi my name is Julio, I been hiv poz since 1986,now Iโ€™m 55 and Iโ€™m happy with my current t cell, I m gay man as well.I have a great partner was will be celebration our 25th anniversary in November 31 , I think you should ask your doctor about biktarvy,has work well for me ,in 2017,I had full blown Aids now my t cells are 248 . Just keep trying never give up on your self. Tommorow is another day, nobodyโ€™s guarantee more then a day at a time and for me thatโ€™s all I can ask for. I hope you stay strong. keep your self focused on your self and. keep in touch if you like. Hope this helps.god bless you.

Yes , Iโ€™m 55 and at 53 had rectal cancer, and undetectable as well.my cancer is in remittance. Hopefully it will be that way for a long time.

Iโ€™m char living with HIV 29 years

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Hey gang, new hereโ€ฆHowโ€™s everyone doing?

Anyone in the Polk county area, in Florida?

No. HIV does not put you at a higher risk for developing cancer. Before we had medications that worked some people with AIDS developed a type of cancer called Kaposiโ€™s Sarcoma (KS). KS is caused by infection with human herpesvirus-8 (HHV-8). Most people infected with HHV-8 donโ€™t get KS. However, if the immune system is weakened HHV-8 can cause KS lesions on the skin.

I hope you and your sister are doing well. Iโ€™m saddened after reading what happened to her and honor you for stepping up to take care of her. Let me know if you still have questions or need to know what resources might be available. Iโ€™ve been living with HIV since 1990 and itโ€™s been quite the journey.