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Hi @hollyshort—I just wanted to check in and see if the message our support team sent recently helped resolve your issue.

All info added to the app should always save, as long as your connection to the app is solid (either via WiFi or your mobile service provider).

I’m here if you still need any help. :)

Thank you,

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Ivy, the info didn’t help one bit. I keep the app open all the time so there’s no issue with force closing. The app has access to the background. The app tells me that it has saved. I check and everything looks saved. But today, for instance, at 9pm, it shows me that none of yesterday’s marked doses were taken after 11am! Im stumped. Let’s hope that when I get this iPhone6 updated to an 11 that can uses iOS13 update, all will be well. Thanks for checking up on the situation. I depend on this great app!

Thank you for sharing an update with me! I’m so sorry that you’re still having this issue. I wasn’t able to find any connectivity delays either, so I do hope the iOS upgrade will help.

In the meantime, I’ve notified our support team that your case is still ongoing. Please feel free to reply to the previous Inbox message if you have more questions about the issue anytime.

I know the app is very important to you, so I definitely want to help!

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Ivy, I can’t express what a huge difference this app has made to my life! With so many meds and supplements I had a had time keeping up with tracking. I was relying on lining up meds bottles on the counter and using notecards to define what was taken and left to take next. I had labeled tiny medicine ziplocks to take with me when I left the house. There’s more but it became very complicated and lugging a large bag kept me home. And there was no reliable reminder system.

With CareZone, I can easily give a list to my doctors and show that I am compliant. It helps them coordinate meds and see necessary dosage adjustments. This app helped me qualify for disability without a court hearing! It showed that I was complying with the best treatment available for my many conditions and that even if my seizures had been controlled (they aren’t) taking all my meds and treatments on schedule (with side effects) created 40+ daily interruptions. I am too young for this and loved my profession, so I pray for a treatment that works. Whether or not I get back to work, CareZone makes my life better.

Ivy, the support from you and the tech team is heart-warming. I appreciate it more than I can say. I look forward to the day that I can tell you that my new iPhone and the update to the new system have resolved my issues. CareZone is the best app in my health care and the one that I can’t do without. Thank you for checking up. You’re making a difference in many lives.

Dear @hollyshort,

Thank you so much for taking the time to share your experience with me here. It’s so wonderful to hear how the app has helped you in so many ways! I shared your thoughtful message with our team today, as knowing your circumstances is a huge help in understanding what features matter to you the most. We are always working on improvements and will be standing by to support you with any app issues. We appreciate you very much.

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I was diagnosed with neuropathy in my feet and legs recently. My feet go to sleep when I’m sitting and I have pain in my feet.
The dr didn’t tell me anything at all. Is there anything that will help what can I expect in the future etc… My neuropathy was caused by chemo I had for breast cancer. He put me on gabapentin. I just wonder what can I expect in the future and is there any thing that will help other than pills?

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I am 82 years old with kidney failure due to diabetes and soon to dialysis. Any comments from anyone on dialysis? It seems scary.

Well, I have a UTI but the lab forgot to do a culture. Now I am waiting on the culture to see what is causing it. My problem, and my doctor’s problem is that the only antibodies I can take require me to be hospitalized and given the medicine in an IV. That usually takes a week to ten days. Anyone have any treatment we haven’t tried? And I still have the biopsies scheduled for early January. My PCP says the UTI is probably why my BP is going loco.

This is Juanita I would like to know do anybody know anything about ulcer colitis my daughter is having a very bad flare up they’re giving her steroids and other types of Medicine she was in the hospital for 21 days and the flare-up still haven’t went down we went back to emergency like 4 days ago she can’t eat she has diarrhea really bad especially if she eats do anyone know anything that she could use to help the information to go down anyone had any of these types of problems

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Hi everyone, it has been awhile since I posted anything. 3 days before Thanksgiving I had my 6th back operation p on my lower back. Instead of a bone for my spine I now have plates and screws from the middle of my back to my tailbone. It is slowly getting better, but I am still having some pain. I am praying that it will stop alot of the pain.

How can I delete a medication on my list on here

carezone freezing up and causing it to crash. I shut it down and reboot the android phone. sometimes it works and sometimes not. I noticed my alarm or notification history is wrather large. Several pages of alarms. how do i clean this out. or delete the notification history.??

I’ve had Carezone on my phone for several years and have medication reminders set. Recently I got a tablet and all info was downloaded to the tablet when I signed in. I need to check off that I took my meds on both devices. Why won’t it sync ?

had the same thing. and 6 operations later over apx. 4 years. still have the pain and am taking several pain meds just so i can walk. still have pain but not enough to put me down. was last told that i have a severe bone degenerative disease. spine from top to bottom is turning to powder and there is nothing else they can do. so when it comes to problems that we have with the spine, try to find a super expert spinal Dr. everyone that i have talked to with spine problems end up in the same boat. Really Sorry Tammy1761

Hi Ivy
I was reading in the caregiving section a post from a woman who says this app holds the information posted for several months…I was unaware any info was dropped at any time.
Can you clarify that? I was expecting the app to hold the info for next generation of my family for reference for them.

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