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Hi, I’m Ravenn. I a wife, mother of 3 boys, grandmother of 2 (+ 3 step grandchildren), —- great grandmother of 1 (+ 4 step grandchildren), —-great great grandmother of +1 which is on the way, coming in June or July. I think I counted that right. It gets a bit confusing.
My middle son was killed when he was 20 in a car accident. My husband and I raised our granddaughter till she was 15 then she lived with her dad and her mother off and on till she was 18 (they are/were divorced. Her dad (my youngest son) was ADHD but at the time we didn’t know about ADHD and was never medicated for it. His daughter (our granddaughter) was diagnosed with ADHD when she was in second grade. From there it went through several diagnoses and at 31 was diagnosed as skitso borderline personality disorder. She is now on heavy street drugs and refuses professional help. She is beautiful, intelligent and can be very sweet to be around but she is also narcissistic which has cause a great deal of problems, heartache and loss of most of what we have. My oldest son will be 56 his birthday and has been my rock ever since he was born. A few years back he was diagnosed with diabetes. Just this week he has been diagnosed with possible Lupus. He has served his country in the Navy and worked hard all his life. Now he has to have help getting out of bed or up from a chair and it’s very hard for him to even dress himself. A few days ago he told me, he can’t turn the door knobs on the door. Now. His son is 22 and he and his girlfriend live with him, however they both work and she is going to school. Myself, I worked for almost 30 years in hospitals in instrumentation and OR until I had to retire on disability mostly due to fibromyalgia. I had several bad years after that but am able to do for myself and some housework. When our granddaughter gave birth to our great granddaughter we thought she was going to be able to raise her. We took custody of her when she turned 1 yr old. She will be 8 in March. I’m 72 yrs old and my husband is 70. We have been raising kids ever since we were married. It looks like we’ve still got a ways to go.
I know this is a lot of information, but I wanted everyone to know Who I am. Kids don’t ask to come into this world, we bring them into it and “my kids” are and always have been my upper most concern and responsibilities and that’s just how it is. My husband and I were both married before and I had the boys when he and i were married. They claim him as their dad. After my middle son passed the other 2 even changed their last name to my husbands last name. Most people we know think they are his and some have even remarked that they look like him. My x husband was an alcoholic and did not treat me or the children well. My husband now and I have been together 40 years this coming March. He has been my life saver. I have several chronic (unseen) illnesses, not the least fibromyalgia, arthritis in my hips and back, COPD and other things. My husband isn’t in great health either. I just wonder how much longer we will be raising kids. As of this past February we now have court ordered permanent custody of our great granddaughter. She keeps us on our toes, but I can’t help but think she’s going to turn out the best of the “liter”. 😹😸. In truth she is the sunshine of our life. We haven’t had much time to call ours, but my husband claims the the kids, to him he Is their dad, (even if he would have liked to have had more “us” time. I’m very grateful to him for many things. If it wasn’t for him I would have never stood under the pressure.
Ok, there are the Clift Notes.
I know most, if not all, is any concern to you and it should be that way. I’m sure you have or have had your share of thorns on your Roses too.
The actual reason for this introduction is for you to get acquainted with me. Ok, here it is and here I am and I sort of feel like I’m losing it Sometimes. I don’t like spilling all my dirty laundry and I very seldom do, but after everything that has piled up these long years I just feel the more I know a person the easier I find to talk about the real me. There is still a lot of stress on my youngest son’s side of the family. Then yesterday my oldest saw a Specialist due to being unable to work for almost 3 weeks which was due to severe pain and swelling in his hands, feet and knees. The Specialist thinks he has Lupus. I’m not convinced it isn’t fibromyalgia , too many things point in that direction. He is already diabetic and if he can’t work he stands to lose everything he has worked all his life to have. This may well be the straw that broke the camels back for me. He’s been through enough, I can’t set by and watch him wither away (btw, he lost 15 lbs in about 2 weeks) and lose his life’s work, maybe his life. I’m a strong woman, but when it comes to my kids I will fight a circle saw to see them survive and be happy. This has put me at my wits end. I need to check and see if this program has a section for people that feel totally useless, out of their realm and losing what stable connection with
that they have.
Anyway, I’m Raven, and if anyone has any help or advice for me about either of my oldest child’s conditions, I would much appreciate it.
May you be blessed with happiness, wellness, and love. Regards,

Very new to this sight, I was diagnosed approx 9 yrs ago with type 2. I have a huge fear of foot problems so very careful at all times. Have my diabetes under control as of now, but ongoing juggling act we do can change at anytime . Current a1c at 6.3

I have been using Care Zone for several years and love it. I recommend it to everyone I meet. I have been a Type 2 diabetic for over 20 years. It has been a huge struggle trying to keep my blood sugar under control. My last HgA1C was 7.8 and I have lost 20 pounds since Christmas. I’m just trying to keep on the right path. I recently became Vegan and then Whole Food Plant-based. It was easier than I thought it would be.

Hi. I’m Ravenn. I’ve used CareZone for a long time but life got so hectic I stopped using it for much longer than I should have, but I’m getting back into the grove again.
I’m the mother of 3 boys (my middle son was killed in an automobile accident when he was 20), the other two are 56 and 50. My oldest son is why I wanted to be part of this community. He is diabetic and has been for several years. He doesn’t strictly follow his doctors but he keeps it in check pretty well. My reason for joining now is because he came down with an illness about a month ago and the doctors can’t figure out what is wrong with him. I wondered if his diabetes had anything to do that with it. He got very weak, body aches all over, pain, at times he can’t get out of a chair or bed without help, and more. He has never been one to complain and has always been a hard worker. He hasn’t been able to work for a month, in fact he tried to go to work twice and was sent home because he was so weak. He had lost 22 pounds as of a week ago and hasn’t told me how much he’s lost since then. He finally went to another doctor and was told among other things he had pneumonia. That was over a week ago and he is still not over it. Tonight is the first night in over a week that I haven’t gone to his house and used a percussions wand on his back. He got out and came to my house for a little while this afternoon , the first time he had been out of the house in over a week. It hurts me to see him like this. He can barley walk he is so week. He had used all his sick time and is on Family Emergency time now, but that means no pay check and no way to pay his bills. That is worrying him to death which isn’t helping him get well. Worry. Actually can make you sick. I know he is depressed but we are not in a place to help him financially. He just wants to get well and get back to work.
Have any of you ever had anything like this? Is it in any way connected with his diabetes? I admit I’m at the end of my wits and am grabbing at straws. The one doctor is running test to check him for Lupus, but he can’t say for sure. If anyone has any suggestions what it might be I will appreciate any clue I can get. I’ve lost one son, I don’t want to lose another. I’m 72 years old and I’m not sure how long I could care for him if it came to that and I’m not at all sure how I would handle it if something happened to him.
Suggestions, prayer, a shot in the dark, anything you might think of will be a help.
I hope you are doing well considering. I hope your family is well and you are all enjoying life. Thank you for letting me be a part of your community.

why is medications so expensive at GNC stores? Is there any other useful information out there? HELP!

Hi there. My name is Jim. I am a type 1 diabetic. Have been one since I was 15. I see that we have that in common. I also have MS.
Not sure about cgm’s. We have really seen some major changes since we first started. Remember when we had to test b’s with test tube those pill we put in with out urine and then compare to color chart. Dang! I burned my hands a lot in those days!! I have to laugh when our Drs kept saying ‘cure is coming’ isn’t that a load of houeee! Lol
I’m in VA please drop me a line.
Jim H

Hi Tammy I’m Jim. I’m 53 had t1 since I was 15. Lots of things go on health wise. So you like the
KETO thing? Can you tell me what you like about it?

Hi my name is Barbara,I was diagnosed in 2000,after a trip to the er for asthma attack. Jump to 2020 I am currently fighting to save my toe what started as an bruise and up with infection. I was put on three different
Oral antibitocs,went back for f/u thought I was clear the dr said I want to take cray I think you have infection of the bone. And it was but on stronger antibiotics the very next morning I woke up my foot was angry red and feverish up to my knee. Call
Dr office rushed to er dr said that the team wanted to take my toe ,for me it was not an option .I was lucky I told the dr no he wasn’t cutting off my toe .he listened I’m not saying I’m jumping for joy yet .the dr clean the infection that he could put pearl antibiotics in where he cleaned. I stayed in the hospital a week from there I went straight into a nursing facility where as of today I get antibiotics every eight hours,why a nursing facility ? So I can get this powerful antibiotics thru a pic line every eight hours. Supposed to be for thirty days which is nearing soon even after leaving here I still have to take oral antibiotics, but I do have my toe so far. It’s a long hard road I’m walk in and so scary I don’t know what to think.

Hi my name is Barbara. And I am angry at my self. I have been a diabetic since 2000. Long story made short dealing with other health issue I let my diabetes go,wasn’t bothering me right,WRONG. My diabetes made itself known and for front. Started in January had a toe to get infected on three different antibiotics for a month went back to my foot dr. Calmly tells me I’m taking you out of the special shoe and dressing I need to get cray you might have infection in bone ,you will lose your toe. Terrified me to death .went home next morning my toe half way up my foot was red and angry. Told to go emergency room They wanted my toe. I told them that wasn’t an option for me. Dr cleaned the wound put antibiotic pearls( never heard of them either) in wound and sewed up my toe. I am now into my last week of intravenous antibiotics ,And right now I still have my toe. I know now that diabetes is not something to play with ,not to ignore any symptom that comes up. I have been away from home for a solid month taking m.y antibotics. I want to go home.

I’m a male 83 years old come May 11,I was declared type 2 diabetes when I was 44. 2 years ago I made some changes cause things started to change for the worse. I read some books and most of them agree on one thing, type 2 diabetes is course by the so call American diet. So I made some adjustments , I eat chicken , fish eggs some pork and beef , No Whites, lots of veggies and greens, and NO fry foods . I use A1 Sauce to flavor just about everything , I snack on outmeal cookies only when I need a sweet something so far this working for me and still take my meds though I had to make some adjustment to that working with my doctor . EM

Was diagnosed late in life, 60s. Hard to tell my head what not to eat. They(Dr) had me on a pill, but after 10+ years had malfunction with combination ( also heart meds) that landed me in hosp. Girlfriend had them change to using insulin and now have a team of Drs (7). Have hard time putting head around this, but after 10 days in ICU promised I’d listen to her❤️. But anyways the problem I like what I like and salad doesn’t cut it. Help suggestions?

Hi I’m Debbie. I’m 66 yrs old soon to be 67 on the 5th of June. I’m scared. I tested my sugar a little bit ago and it was 242. It’s never been that high. I’ve not been on any meds for it for over 5 months. I don’t want to tell my fiancee because I don’t want to worry him more. He already worries about me and my health because of the pain I’m in constantly. Sorry I just needed to vent a little.


That’s is great keep it up.

Do you have a cook book to recommend or a computer address which you would willing to share.

Good morning. My name is Tim. A year ago I was rushed to the hospital at which time I was diagnosed with a Super Acute Case of Pancreatitis which has caused me now to have to take insulin.

I was not diabetic before this. I ran 3 to 5 miles a day, don’t drink at all, don’t smoke, don’t drink anything carbonated, and a vegetarian.

Now some days are better than others. My dietary intake is mostly salad with tuna in it.

I guess I am here for support. Some days I just get so depressed. I have tried to live a healthy life but this just happened out of nowhere and I don’t understand it. Well I am going for a run this morning. Thank you and have a great day.

Hi. My name is Sally Cruz and my husband is a diabetic. I try to keep his numbers in check. My husband is trying not to get his numbers up or to out of control. I try to get him to eat vegetables but NO luck.

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Hi, I am Jackie and I have had diabetes for 25 years. I am currently on a pump and use a CGM. I have no feeling in my feet and I currently overweight! I am getting an MRI tomorrow because I have been have nerve problems in my lumbar area, I hope to get this fixed so I can exercise ❤️

Im sorry this mught be long.
GM, have question. Has anyone had memory loss while taking Metformin? Ive been taking it since Feb 2002. A few months ago my memory was horrible. Matter of fact I got lost coming home. Pulled over had hug melt down because of it. Dr ordered scan of neck arteries, test came back good. She wanted CT scan done. Well with covid we cant see our doctors so its hard to talk to her plus shes new to me my doctor retired in February
So got PA but I call her Dr. Still not met in person. So all these tests Im not sure wbout.
Well yep was on computer and up pops information about Metformin can cause memory loss. Dr was on vaction so I dropped my 1000mg 2x aday to 1000 aday. Low and behold my memory is getting better. Mealt downs also. I can go to my new job and know what Im doing, not like before every few minutes or hrs asking how to do his or what else was I suppose to do!! Now I go in know what Im doing get ut done. Once in a while I forget but not like before oh my it was bad.
So my question is has anyone else had problems with memory and are you on Metformin? Im still taking 1000mg 1x a day.
I get to met PA in late August. I lost about 28 pounds which is great got about 30 more to go. Would like to drop 45 more but at 62 not have seen this Dr yet going with 30 for now
Thanks for listening