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Hello, I was a stay at home mom, but my kids are married and do now I’m a stay at home wife. I have a dog and 3 cats. I’ve been a diabetic since I was 29. Most of that I’ve spent in denial. I’ve been liking carezone because it’s helping me keep track of my b. s., Weight, and much more. Love the reminders.


Hello. I’m retired. I’m pre-diabetic. I bought a meter and started testing my blood glucose daily since July 1st as a way to learn more about my body.
Looking forward to learning more.


Hi. Hoping I’m replying correctly. I’m retired and have had type 2 diabetes since last March 2017. Well probably had it before just didn’t know. I am struggling keeping my numbers where they should be. It’s a daily thing. Hard not to be depressed about it.


Hi my name is Victor and I’m a diabetic. I have been one for at least 10 years. In the beginning I had trouble keeping my glucose readings in control . These days I’m learning to watch what eat,excerise daily and take my medication as directed by my doctor and listening and understanding what my healthcare team expects of me. Any other suggestions that the community can give me would be helpful. Thanks!


My name is Warren, I live in Tunkhannock, PA. I have a type II diabetes.


Hi. My name is Laura. I am a type 2 diabetic.


I am retired from G.M.Married going on 49 years now.we have four children and four grandsons whom bring a lot of joy to me.We also have two cats named Chole and Jax.I have been a diabetic since about 2008.I try to eat right and i don’t exercise like i should.


Been a diabetic all my life. Learn to deal with it very early in life. Learn to control my intake and the quality of my intake in consuming food. I exercise Extensively. Averaging over 10,000 steps a day. Also, I am very fortunate to have a diabetic alert dog who is always focused on me.

After 72 years, I am very confident that I’ve been doing the right things ... simply because my doctor always has a smile on his face ... whenever he reviews my results. 



I am 51 with type 2. I am on a new eating plan and for the first time in my diabetic life I am taking care of myself. Grand-kids will make you see things a little clearer. If you are out there not taking care of yourself, please reconsider. You have people that love you and need you for as long as possible.
: )


I am a 54 year old female. I just found out that I have diabetes a month ago. I am still learning about Type 2 diabetes. As of right now, I am taking Metformin and watching what I eat.


Hi! I’ve had Type 1 for a little over 20 years. I started using an insulin pump about 2 years after I was diagnosed. At the time, at age 11, I was my doctor’s youngest patient on a pump (and had to prove to him I could handle it!). Things have changed a lot since then, I know a lot of really little kids with Type 1 have pumps now. My numbers haven’t been too good lately, so my endocrinologist recommended I try a continuous glucose monitor (CGM). I’d tried one probably 8 years ago and hated it–it wouldn’t stay in, didn’t seem accurate, and was constantly waking me up with alerts. But I tried a different brand this time (Dexcom) and after just over a week of using it, I love it! There have definitely been issues, and I even had to take a day off from using it when I got too overwhelmed with the errors and alerts. But I think it’s going to be a useful tool to help me get my numbers under control. Every little bit helps.


Hi @Lonianne! I’m sorry you’re feeling depressed about it. I know how it feels when things aren’t going as well as you and your doctor want them to. Have you talked to your doctor about how you feel? Are you keeping track so you can tell when you’re making progress? For me, one of the things I’ve learned is that I should always pay attention when things are going better than they used to. That way I can feel good about my progress, even when things aren’t where I want them to be. It helps keep me from being too discouraged! It’s also a great way to figure out when certain things (diet, exercise, etc.) are working well.


Hi I’m going to be 54 in November I’ve been diabetic for 5 years now I control with medication and weight loss last time it was checked my A1C was 6.4.


My name Lulu I’m on disability. I have 14 cats, 6 birds and 1 dog. I’ve been diagnosed with ty 2 diabetes since 2013. Changing insurance made it difficult to obtain my meds since I’m in the doughhole. My insulin cost me 419 $ so I went over a month without it. I don’t understand why insulin is so expensive since u have to have it and the insurance companies can get away with making u pay. I’m thankful I have the insurance don’t get me wrong w/o it it would cost over 700$ but there is so many diabetics out there yet we can’t afford the insulin. Thank u for listening.


I was not aware that peoplr were paying such large amounts for insulin. That is just wrong. Have you applied for one of the programs where you can get it either cheaper or free. You should not be paying that much for insulin if you are on disability. Do you have Medicare?


Hi, I am a 72 year old guy and was diagnosed as Type II in my late 60’s. I have a lot of trouble doing much exercise, but take my meds religiously and watch what I eat. It is a pain to follow the rules, but thus is life. It does run in my family so I was not surprised.


Hello. I’m 57 yr old woman with few health probems. I really hate having so many health issues. But it comes with being family of diabetes & heart problems, osteoarthritis & disc degeneration. My mom passed it all along to me in her genetics. Unfortunately I’m overweight too. That doesn’t help me in any way. I keep trying to take weight off to no avail, the weight stays right where it is. It gets frustrating. I’m really limited on walking. I’ve had foot reconstruction twice on driving foot. Dr wants to go in again. No thanks. Also need left need replaced. See how I say difficult to walk to help loose this nasty weight. But I’m s
till breathing every morning when I wake up & that keeps me going. I love life to my fullest…


Hello my name is Tammy I’m 40 years old I’m diabetic non insulin dependent. I’ve been living with diabetes for over 5 years now. I found a way to keep my sugar’s low by taking on the keto diet or a way of eating. I’m not an expert at Keto but I can help if you guys need any help that advice I’m always a good ear that’s about it.


Hello, I have been pre diabetic type2 for about six years. I don’t take any medication at this time. Right away I stop using sugar and stopped drinking full sugar sodas. I am able to control my A1C levels to below diabetic thresholds. However they have been slowly rising and I am struggling to keep my diet healthy. I believe I have an eating problem that is compensating for my clinical depression which I have been living with for most of my life, since I was 11. Now 61years old.