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Hi! I have used CareZone for quite a while but never joined the community. I am 72 years old.
I have had many health problems over the years, including Acute Intermittent Porphyria. My life has changed over the past year when I went from caregiver back to being a wife when my husband went into a nursing home that is a little over an hour away. Now, except for my kitties, I am alone.
I am bipolar and go through depression and mania even with meds.
I hope to meet some understanding friends here,

I am always ssurprised ar patients who seek medical care for one illness or condition, then go out and use herbs, baths, and old wives tale remedies for the same illness or condition but fail to tell there Dr. What they are doing in addition to the Dr’s prescription\s not realizing the home remedies may interfear, negate or many times exacerbate the the illness I have even seen patients die from reactions between ingredients in the home remedy and the medication.

So what I strongly suggest is that if you are doing this tell your medical provider you are using alternative mediciaction.

Best regards,

Raymond Ronquillo, CHST, QSPP

Looking forward to being a part of this community.


Thanks for the hel

Hi everyone my names Larry I’m 69 an had kidney failure under went dialysis an got lucky with full recovery.Wish everyone the Best.

Greetings. I’m a 75 year old man and a mostly retired lawyer, now living in central Washington State. I’ve an unusual combination of demyelination of peripheral nervous system - chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy - and of central nervous system - demyelinating spinal cord disease and demyelinating brain disease (sort of MS hybrids) [I’m joining the MS group]. Neurologists think may be a few others, as well. Sitting in infusion clinic right now getting my five days of IVIG that we do every eight weeks (in sixth year of that). All this thought to be due to ingesting water contaminated with trichloroethylene (TCE) while in USAF in 1960s. Interested in connecting with other veterans who were at the many bases with similarly contaminated water.


My name is Thomas McKie, I am a 49 year old man living in Burkburnett, TX. . I was put on permanent disability at the age of 27. I had a heart attack at the age of 39. I was also diagnosed with type II diabetes. In 2011 I was told that my heart was more damaged then the doctor thought and had a pacemaker/defibrillator put in my chest. Here for the last year I have been in CHF and I go in & out of A-fib. I was in the hospital last month for 5 days due to a possible heart attack and CHF. I go to a heart failure clinic 2-3 times a week for CHF. I was told that my EF is 15%-20%. Just wanted to say howdy.

Hi @Gordo, I’m interested in learning more.

You still interested

Hello Cargirl I like to talk to about that.

Good evening. I’m new to the community group here.

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I’m Mark, 49, with Stage 3 Kidney disease. Hard to live with something, that’s changed my way of living. But living with it, I am.

Yes! Would love to learn more. This is the easiest place for me to keep in touch. Thank you!

Hi when is it good to Text

Have ever heard of this Dr Joel Wallach his book Dead doctors don’t lie

I survived many challenges in my life with the help of my faith in God and the Doctors I have overcome them. I’m a true believer that is people everyday through do not think about, when there facing there own issues and challenges, people forget about God.
That is craziness, because he’s real for me, and my family, I know everyone has their own belief system, but what if he is the Alpha and Omega and the beginning and the end, and the the first and the last one.
I believe he is the reason I’m alive today because of the faith in the Lord and Jesus Christ who died for us and our sins and we never even thought about it yet, we continue in our daily lives like nothing happened.
I John 2:15-16 read if you have a moment please please send me a message.
I had my first surgery for fibroid tomers on my overys and then I a angia, to open up the vessel of my Heart, the Doctor did a procedure called the 🎈, it failed and they had no choice but to open me up. And I a double bypass surgery on the two vessels the right side and the left side, and I survived.
Next I had breast cancer, on right side of my breast, a lumpektmey, with out chemotherapy treatment or radiation treatment, and I survived, next and last is my final test, that I survived with the Lord Jesus Christ on my side.
I had many strokes and Tia’s during the surgery 6 in all, and I died the table but I laspt into a coma for 4 months, this is the Almighty God that woke me up, he something for me to do, it wasn’t my time to die. This is my Testimony I am giving you a heads up, the Lord is real and with us everyday we just don’t believe or have the faith and trust in the Lord and Jesus Christ the King, to say yes and mean it, with our whole heart and soul. I believe that what he did for me he will do for you. Amen God

Just discovered this community now! Hi all, wish you good health!

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I think we are all in one stage or another of falling apart! Lol!!! If we all begin to think positive uplifting thoughts with one another this will help!!!

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Good afternoon I am taking my first walk. 16 degrees here.