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Care for 87 year old mother with dementia and arthritis


I’m a caregiver for my wife who has M.S. and it’s progressing fast the last year.I have a very hard time separating caregiver and spouse any suggestions would love to her from anyone but someone who knows something about M.S. would be great.


just signed up and looking forward to hear from all. And want to thank all of you. You have no idea what it mean to be on other side. I am other side, i need care giving, so if anyone has any questions i can help with. Open for any and all. I hope i can help any of you.


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Hello all, my name is Jennifer. I am currently a full time care giver for my mother and father. I very rarely get out of the house to do things for myself. I am a 45 year old mother of 2 grown children, and 1 that is 16. I also have 3 grandchildren. I am looking forward to hopefully meeting people that can relate to what I’m doing.


I’m taking of three adult disable and I hate that word who has seinsures and mentally challenged but God has being good all of is working one just started yesterday and I proud of them but I have to drive them to and from work so it takes a lot of my time on the road and by the way I’m 13th out of 15 children and I’m 67 yrs young I have health. Issues to I couldn’t make it without Jesus on my side. Praise the Lord I just
started this.so I’m new at this


Hello ,
My name is Debbie and my sister and I are taking care of our mother, she is 80 years old and we all live together and my sister has diabetes too and I have blood pressure too.


Hi I Kelley and I’ve been a caretaker since 1/12/12, when my wife Carol had a massive right frontal stroke leaving her totally left side affected.


Hi. So sorry you are going through that Did you get any help?


Hello I’ve been a caregiver for about 19 years for my husband who had a stroke at the age of 39. He’s had several since then. I also take care of my mom who’s 100 years old. I still work full time. I have caregivers that help during the day but no one at night. It’s getting harder the older I get. I’m 58. I try to stay positive and prayerful but sometimes it’s hard.


If Catholic charities is available in your area try them. You maybe able to get a caregiver through them. Also the Dept. Of Aging May be able to help you with respite hours as well. It’s very expensive to pay out of pocket. My husband had is first stroke at age 39 and it was very hard to get services for him because of his age. Hope this helps.


Hi Everyone! My name is Jamie Wynn and I own a business where we provide caregivers for the aging population! If anyone has any questions about caregiving or advice on how to take care of a loved one please ask :) I have been in this business for 20 years 🙏


Hi, my name is Lu. I am almost 27 years old and I take care of my 63 year old mother. I recently quit my job to take the reigns back from my older sister due to neglect. The job I just left was a care providing agency for adults with developmental disabilities in residential group homes. I do not live with my mother but I live with my boyfriend about 10 minutes away from her.


Hello I’m Patty. I’m a full-time Caregiver for a family member who had a hemorrhagic stroke. I also help my mother all she will allow. I know it is important work, but I also know it doesn’t always feel so important. So I find ways to add meaningfulness to my life and I think it spills over into theirs. If I share challenges, I will aim to share twice as many successes! Happy rainy day to all of you! See attached picture of food I puréed, even includes fruit bread with cool whip!


I am new to this caregiving since my Dad died in July of 2017, my mother is 82 and my sister is 52 and she has Diabetes but I love them alot and they are my family too. Debbie Lebarron


Starting chemo again. This time in the brain.


Hi my name is Joyce. I live in Mississippi. I am a mother of five girls, grandmother of 6 and a caregiver to my mom. I work from home and I also suffered from anxiety and panic attacks with some depression. I am always stressed. I am glad to find this community because it is really getting hard. My mother has lung cancer, copd, had a stroke, has CHF and subglattic stenosis. Right now she is in ICU with pneumonia. Right now I would like to Hi!


Hi Cassy! I too am a caregiver to my mother , which also disabled bedridden. I have learned that talking really helps. You can feel free to talk with me anytime


Hello my name is Kenya, I’m taking care of my 72 yr old mother, who I love with all of my heart. She has dementia and it is just heartbreaking. She gets embarrassed, frustrated and very difficult, even violent sometimes. She hates to be told she’s wrong or forgot something, she thinks I’m treating her like a child, and maybe I do at times, because it’s like dealing with a stubborn 5 yr old. After taking so much in a day full of being yelled at, I do lose my temper. I would never do anything to hurt her, I’m saying, I’ll just throw my hands up and go in the bedroom and close the door.
Should I just let her believe the fantasy in her head and not tell her the truth? There are times I can’t do that, like when she insists she hasn’t taken her meds and I know she did, because I gave them to her. If anyone has any advise or tips, please share, I’m new at this and I need all the help I can get. Thank you!