Welcome! 😊 (Read me first)

Yes! Would love to learn more. This is the easiest place for me to keep in touch. Thank you!

Hi when is it good to Text

Have ever heard of this Dr Joel Wallach his book Dead doctors don’t lie

I survived many challenges in my life with the help of my faith in God and the Doctors I have overcome them. I’m a true believer that is people everyday through do not think about, when there facing there own issues and challenges, people forget about God.
That is craziness, because he’s real for me, and my family, I know everyone has their own belief system, but what if he is the Alpha and Omega and the beginning and the end, and the the first and the last one.
I believe he is the reason I’m alive today because of the faith in the Lord and Jesus Christ who died for us and our sins and we never even thought about it yet, we continue in our daily lives like nothing happened.
I John 2:15-16 read if you have a moment please please send me a message.
I had my first surgery for fibroid tomers on my overys and then I a angia, to open up the vessel of my Heart, the Doctor did a procedure called the 🎈, it failed and they had no choice but to open me up. And I a double bypass surgery on the two vessels the right side and the left side, and I survived.
Next I had breast cancer, on right side of my breast, a lumpektmey, with out chemotherapy treatment or radiation treatment, and I survived, next and last is my final test, that I survived with the Lord Jesus Christ on my side.
I had many strokes and Tia’s during the surgery 6 in all, and I died the table but I laspt into a coma for 4 months, this is the Almighty God that woke me up, he something for me to do, it wasn’t my time to die. This is my Testimony I am giving you a heads up, the Lord is real and with us everyday we just don’t believe or have the faith and trust in the Lord and Jesus Christ the King, to say yes and mean it, with our whole heart and soul. I believe that what he did for me he will do for you. Amen God

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Just discovered this community now! Hi all, wish you good health!

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I think we are all in one stage or another of falling apart! Lol!!! If we all begin to think positive uplifting thoughts with one another this will help!!!

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Good afternoon I am taking my first walk. 16 degrees here.

Im from Atlantic City New Jersey! I signed into this app to remind me of when to take my medication! I have glaucoma in my right eye…hope it gets better…if it doesn’t… i may have to wear glasse and take these meds for the rest of my life

I am glad to join this community, it is nice to have a special place to go to and talk with other people who ate going through the same things I am going through.

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Thank you for letting me join my name is Lorie R

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Hi how are you

Thanks for the welcome.

Thank you!

I am also Bipolar. Sometimes more compliant than others with medications. Have diabetes 4th stage copd asthma and emphysema. Have heart disease. Open heart double bypass and stent. Pancreatitis. Post back surgery 2007. Crippled by an Achilles’ tendon tears from levaquin tear right leg. Broken left knee. Also torn rotator cuff surgery being discussed for right shoulder and bicep. Still ambulatory. Use cane rarely. Sorry for such a long paragraph. Need to return to higher level of functionality. Any conversation or advice welcome. 😊

Anxiety was high tried and like Ativan. But lavender products. Melatonin. Epsom salt soaks help.

Thank you for letting me join

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Hello Thomas, I’m just joined the community and was captured by your comments. My fiancé just had the same procedure done in October, so I no it is a lot you are going through. However, you seem to be taking it in strides. He is finding it very hard to deal with at the age of 55. I wish I could do more as time passes by for him but I can’t seem to give him enough support. Anyway may you continue to be strong in your endeavor.

My name is Lesa, I’m new to the community, I’m 68 years old and I have been a caregiver for many years. I started with a company, then stopped to help care for my mom until she passed away in 2016. So now I’m back working with a company again. I work where they need me for the most part, but just recently I lost a second client who I get attached to . Family thought it was best that she go into an assistant living facility because they wanted her to have 24 hour care and I could only do 8-12 hours in a day. I do understand put the withdrawals is hard on us both after two years. Now I’m thinking it’s time to quit if. I get to attached…

Hi my name is Michelle I’m 61. I have Bipolar and Lupus. I’ve used this app for many years to keep track of my meds but never really checked out it’s other functions. I’ve been looking for something and turns out I had it all along.

Good Morning