Weight Tracker - add instant feedback on progress!


Currently, after one enters their weight, the window abruptly disappears and reverts to the Home screen. It would help if, after entering your weight, the app would either:

  1. Show the last several days (perhaps a weeks worth) of your weight entries.
  2. Or when reverting back to the Home screen, the app would go to the Weight Tracker section to show your progress.

The purpose of this idea (which should not be difficult to implement) is to give immediate feedback to the user of their progress in changing their weight. To do this now, one must either simply remember past weight-ins. But then the tracker looses most of its relevancy. Or, after being abruptly sent to the Home screen, one must scroll down to the Weight Tracker to get the advantage of the important feedback of one’s progress.

Note: I weight myself at the same time each morning after going to the bathroom and before dressing. This method mitigates any influence on the measurement caused by water or bowel retention and the added weight of clothing. I also take time to review my progress from day to day and from week to week etc. But, to do this I have to manipulate the app to get the info.