Weight Loss is a pain but, I am thinking of a “totally free” idea to do it

Hi all. Like you I have tried every diet out there. They work. Until they don’t. So, here is my idea and please feel free to comment and suggest because I’m thinking of making it a small, unscientific study.

All told, I’ve probably lost over 2 tons, only to gain it all back. The older you get, the harder it is to lose also. At this point i’ve learned two things. 1. You can lose weight on any diet. 2. When you quit the diet, you’ll gain it all back. That being said, the only way to lose weight is with food and exercise. If, like me, you have a health record that looks like a crash at the Indy 500, it’s even tougher.

All my nutritionists use those height/weight tables to figure out what I should weigh. I haven’t weighed 180 since Junior High. My idea, take your high school weight and add 20 to it.(the wish for weight). I.e. I weighed 180 in high school so, I would add 20 to get my desired weight of 200. Now, subtract this number from your current weight.(270-200=70). So, I have 70 lbs to lose. Who can do that? What’s the point anyway? I can’t lose that much? I might as well have another serving of ice cream and forget about it.

Any of this sound familiar? Well, I’m trying to lose that, or a chunk of it next year. (2019). I’d like to lose about 10 lbs a month. Unfortunately, that’s a little too ambitious. From my research it seems 2-3 lbs a month is best for permanent weight loss. So, the biggest problem is going to be patience. Think about it. I didn’t gain 70 lbs last month or last year. It’s been slow coming on and it will be slow coming off so I must have patience. That’s where ya’ll come in. Encouragement and support.

Now, I’m going to need 4 things. A journal to track my food. A spreadsheet to track my weight. Some way to track my calories and exercise. Lastly, some prize for achieving my goal.(CAN’T BE FOOD!). I’ll share these as I find them. I’ve used some good ones in the past.

Stay tuned for updates.


I agree I did so much better with my charts and graphs. I need to get back to that kind of doing it and being behind myself.


Everything you said is too true. I would like to see 200 again but have way too far to go. Being on a fixed income & disabled does not help.

May I join you on your journey? My plan is to walk at least 3x/day & complete a chore each day; ie, laundry on Monday; dusting on Tuesday; mop on Wed, etc.

I’m feeling much stronger now & looking forward to cleaning my house & living.

Sistergyrl 🤠


Same boat… I set a goal of doing a 5k with my daughter in April. Then I broke my arm Friday. Sunday I turned 44. I had surgery on it Jan 2. I still think we can train but I will be walking only for awhile.

I would like to see under 200 I weighed 261 this morning with cast.

I just want to feel better as me. And set a better example for my kids eating habits.


You are AWESOME! You go girl! You CAN do it! Thank you for your insiring thoughts!


Hey Kpage, I’m in, I mean what it hurt. The wirst that can happen is that we lose the weight and a new leade on life


As someone had said before when you’re disabled and not having any structure eg, job or school if easier to just eat and eat and not monitor or account for it. So using something to track what and when you eat and when would probably help.
I’ve noticed sitting home playing around on the computer or watching TV is when I’m more likely to eat. And also I’m someone who just never could eat things like veggies, salad, and the like. Just dislike them. But at the same time a bag of cheese puffs or ice cream isn’t going to make me full. At least not for long. I’m glad there are many in the same situation. We can get through together.


This week my pulmonologist told me recent testing and my overall health indicates a poor outlook for me. I have 40% use of the lungs. I weigh 310 pounds. I’ve led a class in weight loss and nutrition so I know the drill; I don’t do it. Three days ago I began an effort to lose weight to save my life. I’m 71, have COPD and diabetes. I share your pain.


@mamajill I also have mild to moderate COPD. Which effects me most when trying to exercise and so I get discouraged. Wko wants to be out of breath? Was thinking of drinking slim fast drinks in place of a full meal. Plus as I said above I do not like veggies and so I opt for fruits. Poultry may be another good choice with grains, cereals.
I also have fatty liver, gallstones, fibroids, gerd, thyroid, anxiety, along with the COPD.


Read Eat Rich Live Long. Eat simple Ketogenic. You will not want to go back on SAD (Standard American Diet).


There is this app you can download on your phone. Called lose it. It tracks ypur weight fluctions and ypur calories also guve you a realistic about of pouds each week or month depending on how fast you want to loose it. You should give it a try. :-) hope this helped


Girls, this is great I’m doing the xact same thing myself and I’m really pushing myself cause I’m going to be getting ready for my wedding and I really don’t want to look like a stuffed whale in my wedding dress this time. Yes, girls this will be my second wedding, I’m having knee surgery at the end of this month 😣 so things are going be super hard with exercise and everything to loose the weight and a man who loves to eat and hates to cook clean or anything.


Check out the new weight watcher plan. They have an app. Chicken breast, eggs fruit and veggies are all free. It’s a point system. You can’t starve, but you can change the items you eat. This is my plan.


Ups n downs but by seeing what I’m doing helps a lot. They are about to change my meds again so that will relate. But I am starting to move along once I get a little further ill post a pic of what I chart.

Keep it up everyone we can do it.


Go for it keep your mind on the gold. May your marriage last a very long time with love and peace every day!


Yes I agree .all diets work. I started tracking my meals and it so easy to add on the calories. Better choices are necessary for myself.


I am losing weight right now. When I get full I push my plate back sometimes it’s just a few bites but I am full and other times I want some sweets and I do not deprive myself of them either. But I am still losing weight. That is how I am doing it. I started at 220 and I am down now to 155 I have another 30 to go. That is my high school weight. I am exercising to try to get rid of the flab that is left behind.


I weighed less than 100 pounds when I was in High School. I have Crohn’s disease and at that time I was always sick. I was misdiagnosed and was told by the best doctor in the USA that it was “ALL in my HEAD”. I won’t mention his name as people might recognize his name. I was properly diagnosed by my present Gastroenterologist of 36 years with Crohn’s disease. I have gained around 15 pounds since taking Humira. I am now taking 40 milligrams every week. I don’t over eat, I work 33 hours a week and am active every minute of my working day. I don’t have any time left for exercise. I am a Home Health Aide and take care of the elderly. I know these are only excuses but I am always tired after work so I can’t do much else. My Saturdays I visit my elderly friends in a Nursing Home. On Sundays I catch up on chores. Any suggestions?


I have always had trouble with tracking my calories but you have inspired me to try again. I do weight myself every day. I know they tell you not to but when I do that I find it easier to stop the additional pounds.

The calculations idea also so good. I actually did get down to the plus 20 pounds once but then I got it all back and then some.

Please let me know how you are doing.

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That’s awesome. I was NOT heavy until after my total hysterectomy. Then, like my mother, I started to blow up. No other way to describe it. About 5 pounds a year. Has anyone worked with their doctor regarding genetic weight gain and how to combat/boost your metabolism again? I was very active into my mid 50’s, now, very weak.