Weight Loss Advice

I have had hypothyroidism since I was 8. I’ve always been overweight. Least I weighed was 199 at 12 and 5’3". Now I’m 5’6" and 389.97 lbs. I try to eat less meats and more veggies and legumes and rice. But, I’m just not loosing weight. Non of my antipsychotic medications have the weight gain side effect but… I just can’t shed it. And now with my whole body pain that is anywhere from 6-10 throughout the day without MSM and exercising, even doing dishes, is out of the question. Any tips or pointers on very low stress exercise I can do while laying down to gain muscle? I heard the more muscle you have the less fat you have cuz muscle burns fat for energy first before food energy.

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YouTube has exercises that you can do from a chair. You can add weights, once you get comfortable, with water bottles or canned foods.

As your endurance increases, you can start walking. Even a couple of minutes will help you.

Be sure to get enou variety of nutrients. Protein is a necessary building block.


LoseIt is a free app that can help you figure out how much food you need to eat.


I agree that this can be very hard to deal with. Try stretching exercises in bed to start out. This will help with the pain and then you can move up to chair exercises. Even walking a block can help.
There are a lot of people in your boat. You have our support and well wishes. Keep us posted.

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Oh, I get plenty of protein in nuts, legumes and my coffee creamer! But I will look that up on YouTube! Thank you! ☺💛✨

I have a granddaughter who has the same issues. She was so heavy in high school that others teased her every time she put her morsel if food in her mouth. She didn’t eat breakfast because my step daughter never even made sure she went to school. So she came home from school ir wandering the streets and ate a whole box of cookies.