Water / Fluid Tracker (input and output)

Put in a water intake tracker and reminder so I don’t have to use 2 apps.


Track when you drank and how much… perhaps quick buttons of 4 oz, 6 oz, 12 oz, 16 oz, and custom with pictures to match? Oh! And perhaps we can enter a daily goal so a happy face can show like an alarm to tell you reached your goal. Even better if another alarm can signal I exceeded the goal! (Can you tell I am not a water drinker and need lots of encouragement?)


If there could be a place to reyord the fluid intake that would be great for me.


Input and output for the home health nurse. To make it easier.


Does CareZone have a drink water reminder or app?


This would definitely be helpful


they have a meditation why not water 💙


Hi @JanArmbruster!

While there isn’t a specific tracker for water intake in the app, you can add a reminder to drink water in the Medications module. For example, just add “Drink #oz. of water” as you would a new med and set reminders for the times you’d like to be alerted. You can even mark when you drink water (just like marking a med as taken).

Here’s a link to instructions for adding a new item to the Medications module:


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I believe there’s a place on where they have you recommend something:-)


Thank you

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I myself am not a water drinker either. Doctors will often suggest you drink plenty wether its due to your medz or a none specific ailment. I would have thought it deserved a tracker of its own like temp/bp etc. It is an important part of health to drink no matter what the liquid.

Hello Carezone, Firstly, I love your app!
All the Drs. & Nurses, and patients I have told about and shown it to are impressed.

I need to monitor my fluid input and output as the result of a new lympydema diagnosis after a 5 day hospital stay.
It would be really great to include this in the tracker section along with my weight and blood pressure as I also have to monitor those.
Thanks much for your time and consideration.


I would like to track 24hr urinary output

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Please consider adding a tracker for intake & output amounts. Thanks.

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I would love this addition to the app. Maybe including quantity (volume, possibly just heavy, medium, light), color (dark, medium, light, clear), and frequency?

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We really need to and an fluid Intake / urinary Output tracker! Many due to conditions, medicine, and treatments are required to record input and output. This would be valued by many who could really utilize this kind of tracker!!