Waiting it out

Hi all,

I’m patiently/anxiously/aggrevatingly(?) awaiting the arrival of Hurricane Dorian. The only thing I wasn’t able to do was board up. I just wish this thing would pass. I feel really horrible for the Bahamas. A friend of mines daughter and her mother are there.

I’m not happy with my place of employment right now. I’m on a new campaign which means I was scheduled to be off today as it was, but I’ve still have friends on my old one who had to go in I’m hoping it’s only for a half day as we are in a hurricane warning and winds are expected to continually increase over as the day passes. Tonight and tomorrow is when we’re supposed to get the brunt of it.

It’s a monster of a storm and just wanting to get through it safely. I’ve got a bunch of videos ready to watch, a battery powered usb fan and 2 power packs ready to go.

Now, if I’m needed I’ll be in my blanket fort.


Prayingfor you


Wish you would have left…

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If I’d had the resources I would have I,have 2 dogs and a cat to consider as well.

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Prayers are with you 🙏💜

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You don’t have a car or friends to get a ride from?

I do, but I have other things to consider , like my family and pets and mu comfort level I’ve ridden out storms before and was in the same position. I’m in a finanical bind and have to one to ask for assistance

If I’m going to be judged negatively, I’m done with this. I don’t feel as though I need to justify my actions.

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No please I’m not judging you. I’m just very concerned for your safety. Just read about Dorien hitting the Bahamas…just very worried for you. Please don’t take my concern for you as criticism.
I just want you to be safe no matter how you achieve that.💕

Thank you. Looks like we’re out of the cone, but still getting winds and rain

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I’ve been praying for you ever since you replied back to me that you live in St. Lucie Florida. It gives me chills to post this knowing how catastrophic hurricane Dorian has been & can still be. You are still in my thoughts and prayers my friend. 🙏

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I also have family in Florida and am very worried about them it’s not easy to pack up an leave if you don’t have the means to praying 🙏 for all to be safe and that it misses you 🙏❤️

Thanks, unlike the Bahamas, we got extremely lucky on the Treasure Coast. Hope your family is safe.

Thank you 😊

Prayers from West Virginia

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Prayers for you and your friends and family and all who are going through this. My brother and sister-in-law are in South Carolina and can’t leave for some reason. And our Dad is in the hospital here in TN .My brother can’t come yet. Be safe as possible. My prayers are going up for you 🙏

Thanks. Luckily we were spared, but my heart breaks for the Bahamas and Carolinas.