Hi! I am new to the community.
Interested in individual thoughts & experiences utilizing the medication Vyvanse for the treatment of ADHD.
Pros & Cons…

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Regrettably, I am not familiar with that medication. I have taken Adderall and currently take Ritalin. These older meds have worked for me to increase my attention span.

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I tried to take that. To me, it was like taking speed or something. I was able to stay awake all day, and do some stuff.
My biggest problem with it was being able to concentrate. I couldn’t get anything done. I would start something, go to another room, start something else, and continue doing that. I never got anything finished.
It drove me crazy.
It may not have the same effect after a continuous time period. But, I didn’t want to take it everyday.
I have Fibromyalgia and can’t keep up that pace. My body is worn down after just one day of it.

I don’t think the dr listened to me. He just wanted to give me something to keep me awake, and moving.

I am on Vyvanse as well. For me it helps me concentrate on what I need to accomplish. It gives me a little energy and that really helps my tendency to veg out on the couch all day. It’s also helping my depression symptoms, because it feels great to finish my tasks, which I struggled with for years. I know it’s like speed, but it doesn’t affect me that way.

I was put on Vyvanse not too long ago. I find it hard to tell how well these types of meds work for me, but I had a 4 day laps when I didn’t get my Rx refilled on time. I started falling asleep halfway through each day.