View history of a PRN med?

Hi, I’m new here … fairly simple needs, just two daily meds in the morning … PLUS some PRN things for conditions that come and go. And THAT is worth tracking. But I don’t see a way to view a med’s history over time - just one day at a time, and it’s for all meds that day, not for a specific med.

Like, I have occasional gout pain, and a med I take for it PRN. It’d be really useful to look back over the past 6 months (or forever) and see how many episodes I had and how long they lasted, as measured by how long I took the med, and how many.

Is viewing one med’s history like this already possible and I’m just blind?

A note for future reference: long-term I’ll be interested in seeing if these episodes correlate with things like amount of sleep, or how much wine I had the day before, or ANYthing … so integrating with data from other sources is ESSENTIAL. Let’s just say I’m highly motivated to avoid gout :-) and if you can help with that, you’ll be my friend for life!

(My previous med reminder app, which shall go nameless for now, is HORRIBLE at PRN tracking, among other things.)

For the marketing people: demographically, I’m in the “not really old, yet” category, and actively interested in keeping it that way, by being responsible about my conditions and my choices.

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Hello! There isn’t yet a way to access a historical chart of PRN (or scheduled) medications that have been taken. However, this is on our list of new features to add to CareZone!

I’ve moved your previous post to the related topic in the link below, so we can keep you updated on future progress regarding this feature request:

In the meantime, please feel free to add your other idea about integrating medication adherence history with Trackers as a new idea to the Suggestions & Ideas topic. I think this is a wonderful suggestion!

I’m here to help if you have any questions. Thanks for sharing!

Take care,

Community Manager