View All / Compare Tracker Data

I find value is having all the numbers in one place and that it is searchable.
The numbers do pile up, so there could be a way for group comparison. Say,for instance I wanted to compare my HDL value over any given period, it would be helpful with a side by side comparison. Easier to track and manage those individual trends.
This could result in behavioural changes that could improve health.

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Do you mean a way to view two or more trackers at once, over the same period? That is, for instance,
“to compare my HDL value WITH MY LDL VALUE over any given period…”

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That could be included. It would be practical for us to place the different or similar data next to each other for visual comparison. For instance my cholesterol has been consistently above 200 for years. I have had success with cholesterol medication.
Triglycerides measure the amount of fat in the blood. I want the ability to put those numbers side by side to examine the pattern. I have over 10 years of records. Visualising the trend could possibly correlate with my eating patterns.

I would like to add temperature tracking for am and pm to the tracking system?

I agree. I would like to see all my blood pressure readings side by side so i can compare