Via web, check off meds taken at this time

I’m used to using CZ on my Android phone, but now that needs repair, so I’m typing this on the web from my laptop computer. On the phone app I can click Meds (the capsules icon at the bottom of the screen), then SCHEDULES, then a scheduled time, then TAKE ALL or a single med that’s scheduled for that time. But I don’t see any way to accomplish that on the web. How can I record here that I’ve taken THIS med scheduled for THIS time today? or that I’ve taken ALL MEDS scheduled for this time today (in my [pill] case :-), up to 7 at the same time each day). I don’t see any helpful help for that either.

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Hi @mamandel—I’m sorry to hear that your Android needs repair! I hope everything gets sorted (and as quickly as possible)!

I apologize, there isn’t a way to mark med adherence on the web. The med reminders and adherence tracking were built specifically for the app (many, many moons after the website was created). There aren’t plans to add this feature to the web yet. I’ll be sure to share your suggestion with our team though!

In the meantime, the Calendar, Journal, or Notes module might be a decent backup to note when you take your meds (until your phone returns)! I hope this isn’t too cumbersome.

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Thanks, Ivy. As it turned out, my phone was in much better shape than I thought, needing only to have the contact in its charging socket cleaned.

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