Urine Tracker (output, incontinence, brief changes)

Could you add a app for urinary incontinence and a way to track brief changes.


I would also find this helpful.


I love that idea


There is a journal feature. It would be nice to have 2 individual named trackers. Trackers in here do have notes.

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I see so many suggestions if trackers and yet have not seen any new ones yet. Is there any development on new things . I would like to have a tracker for urinary incontinence and diaper/ briefs changes.

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Hello—Thanks for checking in!

Our A1C Tracker is the most recent tracker added to the list so far. I’m happy to share that we’re currently working on prioritizing additional updates and new features for our Trackers. We don’t yet have plans set specifically for a urinary incontinence Tracker—however, your idea is definitely added to the list. I’ll update you here with any new info in the future!

As with each new feature, they take time to review, develop, test, and launch on all platforms. Sharing your ideas helps us prioritize requests, so we appreciate your patience and support.

Thanks again!

Community Manager

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Hi Ivy,
I’m so glad to hear that you all are working on customizable trackers, but I have seen some people say they want 1 or 2 & I maintain that they should all or the majority of them should be customizable. Here’s why… we are all different and have a vast array of symptoms, medical conditions, etc. as well as, varrying situations, some use your app because they’re caregiving for elderly parents or disabled children, some have cancer, diabetes, or are managing other serious chronic illnesses. You can’t possibly make all of us happy. I need 6 trackers for my condition that you don’t currently have, 6. I have dysautonomia and unless you have my condition you don’t need to track the same stuff that I do. This person wants incontinence & briefs, someone else needed something specific to diabetes, someone else needed something regarding bowel movements or bowel changes. Please, I beg of you, for your sake & ours, just make it so we can control the name of the trackers & reminders (when we want your app to remind us to track the items, which is already in place), and while I love the line graph, it would be nice to have the option to view the data in column & pie graphs as well, but most importantly is customizability of the naming & reminders.
The app I currently use to track my main issues is nice in that it offers me 3 color coding options to mark each day & the ability to add notes to that category and day. So take for example passing out (due to orthostatic hypotension since this is public I don’t want people thinking I mean from alcohol or something - not judging, just clarifying), I mark the little circle bubble with the date inside it, green if I didn’t have any issues that day, blue if it was in the middle, for instance if I had a great day but then passed out in the evening the day was both good & bad so I mark it blue, & if it was an all in all bad day & I couldn’t stand up without passing out, then I mark it red. I can keep using the app I’m using now, but I really like this (CareZone) app & really want it to be able to track what I need & help me manage my medicine. Your app has the most to offer so I would prefer to move everything over here. I love the journal, notes, & the ability to upload pictures & documents are all totally awesome features I haven’t found elsewhere. I desperately want to keep track of everything in this one app (your app) so it’s really important to me that it meet my needs. In addition, I genuinely want to help this app work well for everyone and their various needs.

Now I hesitate in bringing this up. I don’t want to offend or upset you, but here’s the thing, I worked in the medical field for 25 years (before getting sick) where people’s PHI (personal health information) & privacy is of the utmost importance. From my personal experience, people that are sick are typically an open book. We have been through so much that privacy & modesty went out the door a long time ago. I know that we willingly post in this forum, but it bothers me that when we privately message you, you force us to post our comment, suggestion, etc. in the public community forum in order for our ideas to be considered. This is part of the reason I want customizable trackers, people using your app should not have to tell you, your team, or anyone else our private personal medical issues in order to make this app work for us.
Now, I’m sure you have a perfectly good reason for doing it this way. I’m sure it allows you to see what is most important to your users so that you can prioritize improvement roll-outs or something, but please keep in mind that there are real humans, some of whom are suffering greatly behind these screens & keyboards. They should not have to tell you they need trackers for incontinence, brief changes, bowel movements, or anything else in my opinion, it’s quite frankly and with all do respect none of your business what we want to track.

Maybe you could let us vote on how many we need or something? I really don’t know. I know nothing about creating & managing an app & I don’t pretend do, but I do know people and for every one of us that reaches out to you, there are tons that won’t bother. They’ll just uninstall & move on to something that better suits their needs. It’s your app so you can run it as you see fit & I applaud the excellent work you’ve done, but I do hope you are mindful about the sensitive nature of the information you are asking people to share in the future & that you don’t loose sight of kindness, compassion, and consideration of your users.

Oh! and in the likely event that you don’t agree with me, here are the specific tracker names I need:

  1. Falls
  2. Syncope, but most people don’t know that word so you could call it Passing Out
  3. Good Days (I need this to be able to show quality of life to my doctors)
  4. Bedridden
  5. MCAS/Histamine Flares
  6. Stopped Breathing/Difficulty Breathing
  7. Tremors
    and still there’s probably 20 additional things I could request, but those are the ones most important to me personally.

P.S. Rather than telling me to post my comment elsewhere, if you don’t like where I have posted it, please kindly move it wherever you want, preferably not in the trash bucket.

Thank you so much for your time and consideration.

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Thank you for your thoughtful and open reply. I appreciate the time you took to share your thoughts on how we can improve CareZone for you—and all of our members.

Custom Trackers is a feature that our team is actively working on (this is a very popular request)! I agree, it certainly would help accommodate many Tracker requests as you mentioned. We still welcome all suggestions—no matter how unique—as there are instances where a custom Tracker wouldn’t be a perfect fit (or easy for all members to build from scratch).

I apologize for any concerns about posting in the community. Sharing in the community is always 100% optional and never required—especially if you have a suggestion. Suggestions can always be sent privately through the Inbox in the app. You will receive an Inbox reply in return, with an offer to share your idea in the community—but if you’d rather not, that’s okay! We still track your idea—you just may not receive an update if your idea is implemented in the future.

Community profiles always have the option to be 100% anonymous. All info added and shared in the community is in control of the member.

We look to our members for guidance on how to build the best app to fit their needs, which is why we added the Suggestions & Ideas category recently. We want to hear from you! We also receive many suggestions and ideas by email, app reviews, and the Inbox—but regardless of how the idea is submitted, everyone has the chance to vote anonymously on any idea added to the community.

To vote anonymously on any topic in the Suggestions & Ideas category, sign in to the web at https://community.carezone.com. Once you’re signed in, open the topic that you’d like to support and select the Vote button at the top left corner. Voting is always private and you never have to leave a comment for your vote to be counted.

If you’d like, I can move your reply to the Custom Trackers topic here: https://community.carezone.com/t/customizable-trackers/5257 (Just reply here anytime).

I greatly appreciate your support! Please keep in touch if I can help answer any other questions.

Kind Regards,

Community Manager


Thank you so much for your response and all of the excellent information you shared. I did not realize or understand that my private message issue was still going to be addressed. I honestly thought if I didn’t post it in the community you would not consider it. Whew that makes me feel a lot better. Thank you so much for clarifying that for me!
I agree that there are cases where customizable trackers would not work. I am greatly relieved and very happy with your prompt & kind reply. I greatly appreciate your feedback.
Thank you!

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This would be extremely helpful.

Thanks for your kind understanding and thoughtful reply! I’m so glad I could help you—and again, my sincere apologies for any confusion before. You can always share your thoughts privately and anonymously with us. :)

As always, I’ll be here if I can help you in any way down the road.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Community Manager

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How long does it take to make a tracker?

Hello! Although there isn’t a set length of time for creating a new feature, I’m happy to share a bit more about the process!

What may feel like a simple request often requires a lot of behind-the-scenes work. First, requests are often prioritized by overall member feedback/demand. Then, chosen features are assigned to multiple teams to collaborate, plan, build, and test. This can take anywhere from a few days to a few months (or longer). We have to make sure the new feature functions within all aspects of the existing app and any pending/future updates.

When all is complete, the new feature is submitted externally to the required app stores for review. Once approved, our members receive the feature in the next planned app update!

I apologize that a urinary tracker is not yet planned for production right now. If this idea moves into planning in the future, we will be sure to provide updates in this topic (and this related topic here: https://community.carezone.com/t/fluid-input-output-tracker/5772).

You may also wish to follow the topic on Customizable Trackers here: https://community.carezone.com/t/customizable-trackers/5257

Take care,

Community Manager

How do I take my ACL? Is it when I take SUGAR levels?

I would also find this useful

Kidney patients really need urine trackers since we have do many issues with our urine output.

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