Updating Google calendar


It would be immensely handy if the appointments I create also generated an appointment in Google Calendar. Thanks!


That’s a fantastic idea! It would also be good if it sent the other way too. When I enter a medical appointment in Google, have a way I can import it into CareZone.


I need this


Great idea! This would really be helpful for all the family to keep track of appointments.


Good idea


I use Cozy Care and this would be great.


Hello! I’m happy to share that you can sync your CareZone calendar with other external calendars, like Google, Microsoft, etc!

Here’s a link to instructions:


I’m here to help if you have any other questions.

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Oh that is awesome! Thank you, Ivy!


Glad I could help! Thank you for your patience with my reply. :)

Have a wonderful day!

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