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I have had to deal with hip pain since childhood and in my teens the doctors finally were able to say, Oh you have arthritis in both hips. At that point I weighed 150lbs and had a hard time walking. Now at 265 and 30 yrs later I have an even harder time and all the doctors say is loose weight. Um… I’ve already lost 41lbs since April and have kept it off and still in pain. But based on my age and weight insurance won’t agree to replacement surgery. I’m damned if I do and damned if I don’t. It’s a kill myself trying to exercise to loose the weight of just die from all the health issues due to the weight.


My dr. needed me to lose weight in order to be able to do a hip replacement. I want to get it done.
So far, I’m 36 lbs down.

Talk about a HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE! I had the sleeve done for a group of medical reasons … now I have to take a large group of vitamins including prenatal I can’t hold down food and am a regular visitor to the hospital for I’ve fluids… 2 weeks after my surgery the dr moved away and told me to call his secretary if it didn’t improve! Please please check the doctor out carefully and be sure your thyroid is functioning properly! Good luck

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Hello my name is Loretta, I’m glad that I can talk to other people that has gone through things that I have gone through.

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Hello Nancy,
I had the surgery done on February 7th, 2019, the first month or so after surgery you can only eat soft foods. After 2 months you can only eat protein foods for the rest of your life. I weighed 338 lbs before surgery and now I weigh 275 lbs. It’s been 6 months now since the surgery. The first 2 months I thought were easier, because I was very stricted to a certain diet. The hardest part of this diet is the foods you can’t eat, like all kinds of sweet’s, potatoes, pastas, rice, certain kind of vegetables, it had been very hard for me.
I also have arthritis, cianatica that runs down from my right hip to my toes. It’s very painful. I thought by losing weight it would help my pain, but instead it just made the pain move from my back to my hips down the leg.

Hi Loretta, Did you have sleeve surgery or bypass? Once I’m about 2 months out, I can eat many things- sure I can’t load up on carbs, etc. but by that time I should know what I can & cannot eat, as well as how much.
I suggest checking out BariatricPal.com. There LOADS of info there. There are forums for the various gastric surgeries filled with lots of info from the people who have, are going or will have surgery. There’s also a store with a wide range of protein drinks & shakes, snacks, soups & more. Good stuff.

I had a bypass 12 years ago and have been at.almost goal weight for 11 years I have a hard time some days but really try to do my best .I was 56 when I had the gastrobypass .I think you will do great I hope it helps your hip and you don’t have to do that but just think how good you will feel and look the first week after I thought why did I do this but than the pain went away and I never looked back I’m happy .good luck and prayers maryann

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I had the sleeve.

Hi Cathyj84
It’s three yrs since I had the sleeve done. My weight was at 324 lbs. Like one of the other lady said just follow the instructions and you will be fine. I weigh now 221 lb. I feel good I’m off of a lot of the medication I was taking. I no longer take my high blood pressure meds and I am no longer borderline diabetic. I’m walking more because I still want to lose more weight. So God bless and all will work out well

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I totally understand. I was 250 at my heaviest. Now I’m 191 (weighed myself today) and I feel like I’m in more pain. Planters fasitics has also creeped in and that pain is hell. All they say is lose weight. Well I am and the pain is worse. Like u said no matter which way u go it feels hopeless.
But, dont give up. Keep.pushing, keep moving, do all that you can and then… do a lil.more.

OUCH! I had to deal with Planters fasitics a few years ago. The doctor had me put an insert it my shoes, which helped. I also had a series of exercises to do when I was sitting & when I went to bed. I had to point my foot & then flex it & hold 5 seconds. I’d do it 10 times on each foot, rest & repeat.

Did you have to do the WLS first? How did the knee replacement effect your results? Did you have to do things differently because of your WLS?

I’m currently taking the classes for WLS. I’ll be doing the full bypass. And my doctor’s refuse to do my knees first, but I am scared because of the needing to get up and walk after because of how much pain my knees are in. I frequently have to use a wheelchair because I can’t go too far with the bone on bone pain.

I just now read this so I’m a wee bit late encouraging you to have your surgery. I suppose by now you have had the surgery and I hope everything is going well and that the weight
is coming off as you had expected. Congratulations on taking your doctors advice and doing something about your weight problem so that you can have your other concerns taken care of as well.

When I went to the doctor re: the hip, he explained that the weight would have to come off before he could do the surgery. Obesity is a major risk. In fact, sometimes the insurance company will not approve The surgery with a BMI of over 40. (Mine was 48!) My family dr. Recommended getting into the mid 30’s before trying to schedule any surgery. So far, I’m at 40. I’m 52 pounds down!!

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After the sleeve surgery, they had me walk the hospital hallway. It was v-e-r-y slow going. I was one of the lucky ones & didn’t suffer from a lot of gas. I can get around with a cane. I also have a Rollator, in case I go somewhere that involves a lot of walking (Botanical Gardens, museums, etc)
The hardest part is getting out of bed in the morning!! YIKES!! The bladder is SCREAMING & I cannot walk that fast!! All I can say is “Thank goodness for Poise Pads!!” LOL!

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I will pray for you. I am considering it. I am 61 and 240. I can’t take this body and all the side illnesses it influenced anyore.

I used to take 3 medications for my Type2 Diabetes. I’m only taking 1 now! My sugar has been good so far & my doctor is hoping to stop that last med.
My orthopedic doctor wants me to get my BMI to 30-33 before he does the hip surgery. The lower the better. Right now I’m at about 38.
So far - 58 lbs lost!! The photo on the left was the day before my sleeve surgery. The one on the right was taken today.
I’m SO happy!

Congratulations, @NancyLF! Thank you for sharing your journey with others here. Keep up the great work (and keep on smiling)! :)

Wishing you all the best! —Ivy

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Hi my name is nan I had the gastric sleeve about five yrs ago. I really did good with it…my starting lbs was 380 and I now am at 230lbs. I wish u the best and any ? U have feel free night,nan

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I had surgery about 2 years ago I’m so happy. I feel much better. Blood pressure was high with medication and borderline diabetic. I have been off of my blood pressure pills for 2, years and my A1c is like the teenager. When I began this journey my weight was 380 lbs, on my own I lost 65 lbs. After surgery I lost 140 lbs. I had all the feelings that you having, excited scared. The surgery took about 30 minutes. I’m happy about my decision. Keep the faith.

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