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Hello! I am 67 yrs old & weigh 294 lbs. I am scheduled for gastric sleeve surgery in June. I’m nervous, scared & excited all at once. My primary care doctor has been on my case about this for 2 years. I was too afraid to do it. I’m having problems with my left hip & face possible replacement surgery. I need to lose weight first. Maybe if I do, I won’t need the surgery! I need all the encouragement anyone can give. I’d especially like to hear from those who have had the same surgery.


Hi I’m cally I have a little bit of the same problem.but not replacement.mine is just a rip not bad enough to have surgery


You’ll be fine. Just follow orders for after surgery.


hi im cathy and i had gastric bypass surgery in 2005 but i had thy ruin y its the original bypass surgery i toped out at 297 and thought about doing this for 3 years before I did it i had an excellent surgeon and i am glad that i did the surgery it took me a while to get below 200 and i got to 174 was there for a little while but i was ecstatic cause my goal was 180 then i had skin removal surgery cause i kept getting rashes yeast infections and issues from the hang over skin it took some time to get that approved by bcbs to be done. But them in 2015 i ended up in the hospital with afib and irregular heart beat for 5 days and was put on 2 medication whitch one of them had weight gain as a side effect and I had gained 45 pounds being in that after 4 years i was able to get off that medication and so far have lostabout 16 pounds and am still trying to loose the rest of the weight that I had grained being on that medication…please feel free to message me if you want to talk… cathy


Thank you for the reply, Cathy. It’s SO annoying that when something else happens it messes up what you’ve accomplished. My doctor has wanted me to do this. My mother said I wouldn’t agree until I was ready. I had to hit bottom before I was willing to climb to the top. It’s so true.

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Hi Nancy, my name is Nancy as well… I wish you only good results and i will keep you in my thoughts and prayers… Hugs, you can do this, you are a strong woman… Its gonna be okay… Hugs and love… ❤❤❤❤❤


Hi Nancy… I have a good feeling about this! It won’t always be easy, but you’re strong and you’ll do well. Keep reaching out…we’re here for you, and you’re a voice of strength for us.


I’ve had both knee replacement and sleeve surgery. Those are the best 2 decisions I’ve ever made. Just follow the instructions if the doctor and you’ll do fine.

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Go online and follow the whole30 diet you lose weight fast and healthy.

If you go online. There’s a diet call the whole 30. It’s an anti-inflammatory diet eating whole foods very healthy. You will lose weight very healthy and very safely. Good luck. 💙

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Hi love. Stay positive. I too was refered by my orthopedic doctor because I need two knees. But my weight and my age, they do t want to do it. I was told to try the weight loss. I was sleeved 3/14/19
It’s been rough but I am down 50lbs total 35 since the surgery. My weight loss has been less than most. But I’m still losing and definitely losing inches.
My knee pain however hasn’t gotten any better. But I am off a bunch of my meds. So that’s great. Remember everyone is different but for sure keeping your thoughts positive helps.


Well, I had a couple of set backs. My June 17th VGS had to be postponed. As part of my doctor’s requirements pre-op, I had to take a stress test. I failed! I ended up having a cardiac Catheterization on June 19th! While I’m grateful the issue was discovered & resolves, I was very disappointed in the delay. It’s hard to be relieved & disappointed at the same time! Anyway, all is well & I have been rescheduled for my VGS on July 22, 2019!
Let’s go!!

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I just had a bypass revision on the 10th. I understand your struggles

My friend had some type of surgery afterwards she was no longer needing to take shots etec. She cant eat many things now. Another i know had the gastric sleeve and she kept on eating eating things she wasnt supposed m Be sure you follow your guidelines for eating.

My daughter had the sleeve surgery. She lost 174 lbs. in the first 8 months. She has obly list minimal weight after that time. She had knee replacement surgery 2 montgs ago. She is now out walking a couple miles a day in hopes to activate her weight loss again. She still has 100 lbs to go to goal and skin removal surgery. Follow the food plan to a T. Do not go back to eating your usual foods. You can do this!!!


I had my surgery yesterday! I feel fine. It’s 6am & @ 8, they’ll take me for an x-ray to check for leaks. If all is OK, I’ll be homeward bound! Then the work begins!

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You got this!! Be strong.
My daughter struggled with her potassium and magnesium levels which is quite serious. Make sure you are being taken care of and listened to by your Drs.

Hi. I am 74 years old. I had gastric bypass surgery in 1999. I am 5’2” and I weighed 306. I am now 181 and I have been watching carefully what I eat. I still cannot eat very much at a sitting. I do eat more meals per day but it is working for me. The main thing is that you will have people who will knowingly try to have you fail so you have to listen to those who are positive and want you to succeed. Sometimes it’s the people closest to you who want you to fail.

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Thanks for sharing your story. One thing I’m not short of is support. My mother & sister were with me in the hospital. I have family & friends in my church who have had the same surgery who have rallied around my journey.

Congratulations Nancy on completing your surgery! You may feel a little remorse in the beginning and that is natural. Trust me, it gets better. I had knee replacement a year before weight loss surgery and I wish I had been able to do it the other way around. If you still need the knee replacement down the road, your recovery will be so much easier after losing so much weight. Who knows, you may not even need it. I love the changes my surgery on 1/4/19 has already changed my life for the better. BTW, I am 59 years old. Best of luck to you!