U take invega 4 bipolar, what do u think

Taking invega shot this week was the second shot. Making my rls worse. All night and morning legs acting crazy. I like the medicine so far but don’t know if I can handle side effects on my legs


Let your Dr. know how the meds affect your RLS. There maybe something he can give you, or something he can do differently to help with your legs. I have peripheral neuropathy and my feet and legs hurt so bad sometimes at night that I can’t sleep. I have found that lots of caffeine intake makes it worse, so I’m trying to limit my caffeine intake afternoon.

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Yes I try to stay away from caffeine for a few reasons. Thank you very much for your reply

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Def tell doc about legs but I’ve been on Invega for over a year now and I do it ice weakness in my legs but I thought it was from other things. Thanks for bringing my awareness that this could be something to look into.