Type 2 diabetic only on Steroids

In over 3 years I have not had to do anything to keep up with diabetes.
Now I am told that I am type 2 diabetic when on steroids. Maybe in 3 months if my A1C is still 6.1 or lower then no more metformin or testing. Is this CRAZY or what??


If you are a diabetic because of something. Then you don’t have Type 2 diabetes. You have what John Hopkins classified as other and you need to stay off steroids or anything that is raising your glucose.

I would still think of myself as a diabetic like alcoholics are always alcoholics.

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I’m diabetic too with AIC 6.5, I dont take my metformin unless I need it, same goes w my insulin. I’m learning to knw my body more as a diabetic. The trouble I’m having it that my sugars been dropping low, lowest low was 58 and I was shaking uncontrollable


Taking steroids and having higher blood sugars does not make you diabetic. That is typically nirmal. If you do have diabetes and you are on steroids, you have to be extra careful with your blood sugars being higher than normal. If you are on insulin you may need to adjust your insulin regimen. Always consult your doctor.


You have what is called hypoglycemia when you feel that way


When you are on sterouds it can decrease the body’s ability to use insulin effectively.
You can develop what is called steriod induced hyperglycemia or steroid induced diabetes.
This condition could go away after uou stop taking the sterouds.
But it is not Type II.
Stay well and gentle hugs to you.


There IS steroid-induced diabetes - my mom and daughter both had it because high doses of steroids had to be used to treat their conditions. Usually once the steroids are stopped the blood sugar levels go back to normal. If you have been diagnosed with this and need to take the steroids indefinitely due to treating a long-term condition, you will be a diabetic indefinitely as well. You may be able to control it with just diet if you can stay away from sugars and complexed carbs, but my mom could not (she has Alzheimer’s and has always loved ice cream so is hard to communicate adequately with her) and was on metformin until they could take her off the steroids.


I had to cut back on the insulins I take because of that. I even told my Diabetic Nurse and showed her my test log and she didn’t quite believe me so I shower her my meter. She told me to keep taking what was prescribed. But I was getting to sick

Thanks for answering. I only know what the Doctor is saying. I posted because I didn’t understand. So thanks a million

Thanks for answering. I only know what the Doctor is saying. I posted because I didn’t understand.

Thanks for the reply. I only know what the Doctor is saying. I didn’t understand. Thanks a million times.

I hate metformin, just thinking or taking it makes me nauseous. Doctoors keep wanting me to take i no, cuz it helps u lose weight.