Trigeminal neuralgia?

I’ve had this for 4 years and it is facial never pain basically. Hurts like crazy. Can anyone share what works for them? Thanks.


I do not have the same type of pain as you, I have chronic pain caused by two herniated discs in my low back. I can relate to hurts like crazy as have constant low back pain and pain (like liquid lightning) radiates down my left thigh. For me medical intervention of medication, physical therapy and past therapy (for a different issue) all these have worked together to keep me from losing what is left of my mind. I hope and pray that you find this helpful and wish for your pain to subside.


Yes very similar. Regular pain meds don’t work for me. Must use tegratal and gabapentin. Klon helps a little but all make me drowsy and the pain is getting worse… But liquid lighting is an excellent way to describe the pain. Lol. It scared me so badly the first time it happened when I was eating a cookie. I thought I had broke myself. Lol