I suffer from a lot but I have to say my tremors are getting worse No cure just something I have to live with. Anyone else suffer with thus?


I don’t but my ex husband did. He had to stop driving s Big Rig because of it. So


Have you ever had your thyroid checked? I was unaware that thyroid issues can cause tremors. I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism after complaining to my doctor about tremors in my hands. Just a thought though. I’m not a doctor or anything.


I didn’t think about thyroid problems. I forgotten that I did have some tremors but I had a syst on mine and had to have it removed


What are you considering tremors?

My grandmother could only fill her coffee cup less than halfway or she’d shake it out! All five of her kids have/had familial essentials tremors. Their voices and heads shake. Now her grandchildren, including me, have this. A radio voice man I knew had severe tremors and had to give up his job with commercials and tv to do something less profitable. He had some kind of brain procedure after several years and is back on the air in a huge city. I remember this sounded similar to a surgery actor Michael J Fox had. It worked for Fox for a while, but he has Parkinson’s disease and it came back. My own tremors are quite annoying but there’s not much to do about them. They get better, then worse. I have bigger issues so I just live with that one. Are yours seriously limiting your life?


Have any of you looked into food sensitivity/intolerance as a cause? Tremors are a symptom of some. I know my Restless Leg is caused by either my Salicylate or Histamine intolerance (I can’t remember which off hand) & it comes & goes or worsens depending on how much is in my system. Some people in the groups I belong to have discovered the cause of the “mysterious whatever” that everyone in their family has always gotten, going back generations.

Keep a food log of EVERYTHING you eat & drink. Then “Ask Google. She knows everything”. Google “tremors & food intolerances”. Read the articles. You may be able to connect several issues you thought were unrelated but actually are related.

Australia & Sweden(?) Seem to be the authorities on the subject. The Royal Prince Albert Hospital in Australia for example, has been studying food allergies/intolerances & the effects if food dies, etc for 30+ years! American doctors don’t know ANYTHING about nutrition. Or how foods affect us, good or bad.

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I have rls and I found it was made worse by taking a nighttime dose of Lipitor for cholesterol … which is the time they recommend. It took hours to calm down. Now I take Lipitor in the afternoon and my legs are much better at bedtime. Bless us all.


Thanks! I will follow up on this. I studied nutrition in college and have kept up the interest. This, however, is new to me. I do have allergies and some food intolerances so this sounds interesting.

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I’m have hypothyroidism which is being treated to stay on the low side of normal. I’ve had surgery to remove a growth and half of my thyroid. We blood test yearly. So I doubt thyroid issues are involved for me, but I can see how they cannot be for others. Great addition to this discussion.

Same here, I have have a friend who fills out all my forms. I shake so bad, I can’t even carry my coffee without spilling it. I’m so embarrassed. Have u had any replies that help.

Sad to hear that

I experience tremors and spasticity from Primary Lateral Sclerosis. The intensity changes throughout the day based on a whole variety of issues. And of course some off the medications that treat the symptoms can cause more tremors! 🤣
For me though I know what my symptoms were like before they started to get treatment. I’ll take what I have now.
I don’t know what ailments and illnesses you have now but a simple test, an EMG, can help point your neurologist in the right direction.
You are in my prayers.

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I don’t know what PLS is but I will research it now. Thanks for the info.

Good morning. I don’t suffer from tremors but I do have chronic knee pain. My situation/medical health prohibits me from taking any or all OTC or prescription pain meds. So take one day at a time, have fait.