Had a Kidney Transplant am really having a hard time dealing with someone died so I could live .

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~Sleona, a very good childhood Friend/Family member of Mine just had a “Double transplant-heart/liver”! We THANK GOD that somebody’s family was unselfish enough to “Give LIFE” to Our Family/Friend. He would’ve died within the month had he not been Graced with this donor’s organs. Please don’t beat Yourself up anymore, they made a conscious decision to “Save A Life”…it just happened to be Yours! I PRAY You get better and “pay it forward”! Have A Super Fantastic Day!~Peace & Blessings, Multiplied!~

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It was there time to go home. And they had a loving family that knew someone need his organs. And you should not be sad because they live in you.


Thank you so much it’s just hard knowing that I’m alive and a teenager is with God I also fine it kind of strange that I seem to have picked up some of his traits

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Thank you Mona Lisa for yourencouraging message it just sometimes freaks me out knowing that I have somebody else’s body part in me

Sleona: I also am a kidney recipient - 4 April 2017. The donor and / or family determined to salvage something from their loss by giving life to multiple others in need - just be thankful.
I am thankful that I did not need this about 50-years ago before Medicine figured out how to do it and the drugs were available to keep it viable in it’s new foreign recipient.
It is the anti-rejection drugs that I have had the most trouble with since they change how we interact with almost everything - people, sun, food, etc. I was always very active outdoors and it really rankles me that that is now mostly in the past.
Take care of yourself and your new kidney and give thanks every day for modern medicine.


I also struggle with the anti-rejection medicines they seem to have a lot of side effects and a lot of things that I used to enjoy doing it seems like I can’t do anymore take care and God Bless you.

They didn’t die so you could live. They would have died anyway with out the donation. And you get to carry on and bless others in their stead!

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Reframe you thinking to, someone died and we’re on the donation list. It was that person’s wish. I’m also on the donor list. Enjoy your new life without guilt.


I’m trying to it’s been a while since sense I received the transplant,I tried to set something up the the doners family to meet them and they rejected it. That really hurt I just wanted them to see that there son saved my life.

With the doners family

Sometimes it is easier to donate than it is to meet the recipient because that makes their continued feeling of loss just too “real”. I know saying ‘be grateful because they made the choice to give’ is easier said than done. I will be praying it gets easier for you.

My sister (and only sibling) was killed in an auto accident, and she was an organ donor. I have had such a hard time loosing her (we were only 16 months apart so we were so close) that I would love to meet the people that got her organs. I have no idea how to even begin to know who the recipients are.

You can try going through the hospital and see if there is any way to reach out to the family or recipient that receive some of the organs

Thank you. I will see what I can find out. She was taken to a different county for the organ harvesting; then brought back to the local coroner / funeral home so I am not sure how easy that will be to track down.

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Baby the only reason you are alive is because that person decided to donate his organ s to benefit not just you but many others upon his or her death when he or she singed there driver’s license. It’s a gift and you have nothing bad to fell bad about, I doing the same thing. Life goes on. Thanks 😊😘


The kidney I’d doing well and I’m feeling better but still find myself thinking about the young man that died I’m also having very sever low blood pressure and have pass out several times.

That person didn’t die so you could live.

That person made a choice when they were alive to give you the gift of body parts they dont need anymore because they already died.

They were not put to sleep on your behalf

You were not selfish and took it.

You were gifted.

I’m a signed up for and listed with the state donor.

Keep it all. I won’t need it. Enjoy the gift.

Make your life meaningful

Work to be the best you can with your new gift.


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EXACTLY it’s my choice to donate.

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How are you feeling now??? Are you ok?

Yes been doing really great the only thing going on is my blood pressure keeps droping and I have been passing out