Tracker scale- help!


I’ve just downloaded the app and I’m about to start getting the tracking side of things going. Can anyone explain to me the purpose of the 1-10 scale and what the numbers are supposed to represent/measure. How am I supposed to rate say a; MOOD when I don’t know the parameters of the scale?! Thank you


Hi JessieO—I’m happy to help!

The 1-10 scale on the Mood Tracker can be used however you prefer! For example, most members use “1” for feeling the “lowest” and “10” for feeling the “best”. :)

(We are working on a way to improve the sliding scale in the future, so stay tuned!)

I’m here to help if you have any other questions.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Community Manager


Thank you Ivy!

So I’m assuming I can determine what parameters want each number to represent for the other tracking options?

Thank you again!


Absolutely! All the sliding scales are set to use however you’d like. :)

If you have any ideas on improving the Trackers (or other areas of the app), feel free to post them in the Suggestions & Ideas category! We are always happy to hear how we can help you more.

Thanks again and welcome to CareZone!

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I will definitely give feedback as I get used to the app etc.

Have a lovely day and thank you for the prompt response! :)


Hello, with me on the scale of 1 to 10 the cronic pain that I’m in at best is an 8 to 9 and I have tried so many different things to reduce this level of pain but nothing works as of yet… I am willing to try most anything to bring this level of pain down…
Thank you again for your kindness of being there for me and others with what you are offering…

                               Cathy A.


1 the least annoying pain. 10 meaning the most excruciating pain like childbirth.