Tracker reminder still appears after turning off

For a couple of months I have had a reminder on my Google Calendar to weigh myself every Sunday morning, and track it in this app. I had no trouble until a couple of weeks ago, when I missed Sunday and weighed myself on Monday or Tuesday, I think. Ever since then I have been getting a reminder to weigh myself EVERY BLASTED MORNING. It’s not in the medications and it’s not in the calendar, and I don’t see any way to turn it off. It’s a small but never-ending PITA. What can I do about it?

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Hi @mamandel—It sounds like your Tracker reminders were reset to “daily”. I’m sorry for the issue!

Here’s a link to instructions to turn off (or edit) your Tracker reminders:

If you’d prefer to use the built-in Tracker reminder for your Sunday routine (instead of Google Calendar), you can set the day of the week when editing the reminder details.

If you run into any other issues, just send an Inbox message through the app so our support team can track it and help out.

Take care and Happy New Year!



THANKS, that worked!


Great! I’m glad everything worked out.

Have a wonderful day!


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No, as a matter of fact it turned out not to work. I don’t know why the app time-stamps my “It worked!” message and your reply the same, 4 hours ago, since I’m pretty sure I wrote that yesterday. This morning the reminder to weigh myself came up again. So I’m back where I began with it. … Do you suppose that when I changed its timing from every day to Sunday only, it applied that change only to the reminder for the day of the week it was then? Crazy, seems meaningless, but trying to guess what’s happening in the code is always subject to that possibility.

I’m sorry to hear that! Are you able to share a screenshot of your current Tracker reminder settings? We’ll take a look to see what may be happening on your specific device.

To answer your question about the post time stamp, posts added to the FAQs and Tips section are moderated, so they may not always appear right away.

Thanks again!


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Correction: the reminder is not showing up on my dashboard. It is showing up on my cat’s dashboard, as my routine is that, as long as I’m weighing myself, I also check her weight by picking her up and weighing her and myself together. When I tap the clock icon above that tracker, it shows just “Sunday at 9:30 AM”, the same as on my tracker.

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I’ll try to get and send a screenshot.

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I set up once-a-week weight trackers for myself and my cat. The reminders pop up EVERY DRATTED DAY, and I haven’t found any way to fix them.


My weight is once a month at the Nursing Home but show up every morning. Just ignore it. When I move I won’t have a scale anyway. I just ignore any of the trackers I don’t use. Simple

Thanks, but that doesn’t help. Clearly that’s simple for you, but it’s not for me. I have severe Attention Deficit Disorder, and seeing that reminder every day-- twice a day, in fact, because I also weigh the cat weekly-- and deploying the attention required to NOT do it, but instead to delete it and effectively forget about it* and go on to do the next thing-- is an irritant for me. It takes a bit of mental effort, and I think I’m also afraid, with some reason, that the action would become so habitual and automatic that I’d have a real risk of carelessly doing it with to some other reminder that I need to follow.

  • Not that I can actually forget that it happened.

I have the weight tracker every day also. I originally set it up for once a week, have deleted it twice, r&r’ed the app, and it still shows up every day.

I just emailed support at
asking them to look into our issues and sent them a link to our postings.
Maybe if we all start emailing the known issues with the application to them they’ll update us to if they are or are not going to help us.

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Oh, good job! Here’s hoping! 🤞

Hello! @mamandel, @maym79424atgmailcom, @EricaT and @KWRob!

I’m sorry to hear about the issues with your Tracker reminders.

To make sure your Tracker reminders are turned off, follow the steps in this article first:

If you have “hidden” a Tracker from the Trackers list, unhide the Tracker and make sure the reminders are removed before hiding it again.

If you still experience the issue of your reminders popping up after turning them off, please follow the steps below:

How to report technical issues with the app:
1- Email
2- Include a detailed description of the issue
3- Attach screenshots showing the issue on your mobile device
4-Allow 24-48 hours for our team to investigate the issue and reply to you with assistance

If needed, here’s a link to instructions for how to take a screenshot on different devices: (Just select your device from the tab options at the top.)

Please reply here if I may help with any other questions!


Thanks! I’ll try that, but not tonight.


Tried repeatedly and nothing has changed

Tried again still getting the tracker reminders I don’t want

I cleared my cache, cookies and restarted multiple times.
Id delete and reinstall the app but I can lose what I already have saved.