Tracker for shots, vaccinations, immunizations


Do you have an area to track immunizations/shots? I.e., flu, privnar, and shingles shots?

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Vaccination record

Yes. I need this one desperately


Do for flu shot next sept


I use the calendar feature.
I scheduled a reminder on the calendar for a regular Dr visit. Also, you could put your shots in the calendar as SHOTS: so it will be there especially annual like flu shots.

  1. Repair tasklist, to do list, will not take messages.
  2. Add meals menu, covering what patient had for breakfast lunch, dinner, snack. So that patients can keep track of what the have had to eat in case of food allergies.
  3. Med tracker, any reaction to script.
  4. A way to share medical info with doctors and or medical organizations.
  5. Repair backspace so that after you type a letter it goes back one space and doesnt delete word then misspells word then when you try to fix word it make you start all over again.
  6. Appointment minder chart.
  7. Incontinence tracker.
  8. Menstrual tracker, meds, pain, light to heavy slider, cycle tracker.
  9. Appointment tracker, with ability to call another number to remind your tranportation.


Great idea! Could go in as part of the meds list.


Thank you for recommendation. But I’d like to have a separate area for shots so when we take our dad to doctors appts it’s easier to find. My dad is currently in memory care and we want to stay on top of everything.


For a menstrual tracker try the app called period tracker!


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Dr.s are always asking what date I had my last****** shot.I don’t remember
Or ask when I had a surgery
**** I don’t remember.Help


This would be great to have because I have trouble remembering my shots sometime,think it would be very beneficial,


That’s true the Calendar is a great place for data, but how much data can it store before crashing.


Hi @rolls-can-hardly—Great question! The app is able to support unlimited data, so you can add as much info as you’d like!

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Thank you IVY, you have bee6 a great help.


Been not bee6. That’s what happens when you have ‘fat fingers’. SORRY 😖


I’m so glad I could help! Thank you for being a special part of the community and supporting others.

I hope you have a wonderful day!

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How about adding the ability to add your vaccines in the tracker?


Need a way to track vaccinations received. Doing it in journal right now, but not very efficient.


Yes when you ate sent to a specialist they want to know all that too and here you are struggling to rrmember.


Me too! Having vaccine/shot name, date, doctor or location (med center) and note section (in case of reactions) would be very helpful!