Tracker for fecal incontinence

I was born with ask imperfecta and had surgery within hours to save my life (55 years ago). Multiple follow up surgeries. My weak musculature there has been a problem all my life. Tracking diet and subsequent NM activity would be helpful to get an idea of what foods to avoid. Also, a group where the sheets of issues cute be discussed? I may be asking too much, lol.

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We don’t yet have a fecal tracker in CareZone, but we do have an open suggestion for a bowel movement tracker. If you’d like, feel free to support the idea in the topic below and share any further ideas:

There’s also a suggestion for a nutrition tracker too! Here’s the link:

Also, please feel free to start any new topics of interest in the community that you wish. Just visit a category of your choice and add a new topic anytime.

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